10 Ways A Pisces Man Will Break Up With You, According To Astrology

Sometimes he'll end the relationship long before you realize it was over.

10 Ways A Pisces Man Will Break Up With You, According To Astrology Krakenimages.com / Shutterstock

Trying to learn how to get over a breakup is never fun, and having a Pisces man walk away from what you've built together can be particularly hard.

They are one of the overall best male zodiac signs to be in a relationship with — that is, if you're looking for someone to help you expand your mind and delve with you into very deep waters. Pisces men are probably going to have to swim to the surface to meet you on your way down.


This guy could very well feel like "the one," so when you think a man with the Pisces zodiac sign is planning to break up with you, it's easy to feel confused about the entire situation.

Avoid this by always checking in with your Pisces, and don't jump to conclusions, as everyone is unique and personality is defined by many factors.

But when it comes to why someone with a Pisces personality would want to end a relationship, causing you heartbreak and turmoil, it has a lot to do with lying. If you haven't been completely honest with him or even yourself about anything, including what you want out of the relationship, Pisces may feel like you aren't completely invested.


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A Pisces man will want a partner who can dream with him, allowing fantasy to become reality. If a problem arises, he may be willing to only bring it up once, then may be done if it comes up again.

Great communication in any relationship is paramount. Pisces men may want to always feel like they are the ones making the decision. They will not tolerate an ultimatum, as they may already feel that's what is wrong with the world.


Remember that if your Pisces man is to the point of breaking up with you, let him be himself and give him time to miss you.

If you're worried your Pisces might be trying to swim away or are generally wondering what you may expect if he were to break up the relationship, read on. Finding peace with a separation or knowing what to look for may provide you with useful insights.

According to astrology, here are all the possible reasons why a Pisces man will break up with you.

1. When Pisces has decided it's over, he may become more distant than usual.

It can actually be difficult to gauge a Pisces since they are the most difficult zodiac sign to understand. He may appear to be occupied with just about anything but you. He might begin to pull away slowly to avoid any confrontation.

Pisces isn't usually considered to be a sign big on doing the actual breaking up themselves, though. Keep in mind it's also natural for a Pisces man to draw into himself from time to time, so don't be overly concerned about it. Make sure you do your best to understand his actual position.


2. You may see that he suddenly has friends you never knew about.

If you want to spend time with them, they might say something like, "I just don't feel like going out tonight, I have something else I need to do." Then, you find out maybe they relaxed all evening watching movies with their cool new neighbors.

A Pisces man enjoys social interactions that are relaxed, positive and engaging. He may like to meet new people and can have a go with the flow attitude that makes others comfortable.

3. Pisces men (and their female counterparts) leave with a gentle touch.

This zodiac sign is a naturally intuitive healer. Pisces men are searching for their romantic ideal, they won't want to settle for anything mundane or if they feel like they have been insulted they may wait until a new option more reflective of their idea of happiness comes along.

When/if it does, they will simply swim away, perhaps silently so as to not leave too many waves. A Pisces man may want to leave smoothly with the currents, leaving only ripples behind.


4. He will still act like your best friend.

A Pisces man may still care for you still in some way, but getting a straight answer may be difficult. Pisces can certainly get angry, though before falling into anger they are probably more likely to just phase things out if they just aren't interested. They may leave you wondering what it was really all about.

Pisces men can be rather isolationist with their internal emotive functioning, and they could be more inclined to show you how they feel rather than trying to verbally explain their complex inner feelings.

5. It can feel like there wasn't a real reason to break up.

Pisces men value love and connection, so if they are leaving, something has either gone awry or they just powerfully feel like swimming on. If he has decided to walk, he may try to be as gentle as possible because he doesn't want to cause undue discomfort.

They can be very sensitive people, so they won't be looking to hurt you and tend to be hesitant to risk any emotional or pain-based reactions.


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6. You might feel like you never really knew him.

A Pisces man, for all his sensitivity and care, does have a dark side. You may even find out that he has been discussing you behind your back. You may hear he has been through the proverbial grapevine.

Pisces can be prone to gossip and they are truly a highly skeptical sign. He has likely seen your weaknesses in addition to strengths. Pisces won't want to confront you head-on, so it's the roundabout way they may get you.

7. He might leave the (emotional) door open when ending things.

If you're dating a Pisces and it's been amazing so far, then suddenly he has become distant, don't panic. A Pisces man may be following his inner compass and taking a dive back inside.


Pisces can become unfulfilled for no reason other than feeling unsettled deep in himself. It may appear to be a seemingly unfathomable reason, but rest assured they have a reason.

A Pisces man may always come back to a feeling of self-emptiness, needing to just be in the void of themselves. He may or may not ever share why he took a dive, though. Pisces may simply spend the time he needs and surface again later when he's resolved.

8. He will give you a reason to worry.

If you have a Pisces in your life, you may feel like they are somewhat lost. But Pisces always knows where he's swimming. A Pisces man studies people, searching out their potential for depth. They are adept illusionists and can use those qualities to find out your intentions.

The Pisces man can seem air-headed, but he's just in depths that are not causally understood. He may seem unmotivated at times, but that is only because he has already fought and toiled, and is now in a place knowing his mission is one of peace and contentment.


9. You may feel as if you don't know what to expect from him.

Pisces men are known to be unpredictable, so don't get hung up on an expectation for how things may go down with a breakup. If you have had a breakup with a Pisces man, the one thing you can truly expect is the unexpected.

Pisces men are sometimes interested in very atypical types of activities and adventure. They aren't afraid to try new things, and may sometimes seem to lose interest quickly for reasons that may not be apparent.

10. When Pisces breaks up with you, they cut their losses quickly.

Pisces is known to be quite a heartbreaker. They can be a perfect dream partner, making it all the harder to deal with when this poetic dreamer leaves for other oceans. Pisces men are kind, caring and thoughtful.

If they don't feel like their kind of magic is useful where they are, they will naturally seek out where it will be. They are protective and compassionate, and Damsels in Distress may be appealing to them.


If they have heard a call for help, they are likely to go off searching for their new deepwater rescue.

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