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What To Expect When An Aquarius Zodiac Sign Dumps You & Breaks Your Heart, According To Astrology

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What To Expect When An Aquarius Zodiac Sign Dumps You & Breaks Your Heart, According To Astrology

How an Aquarius breaks up with someone is just as complex and hard to understand as they are at times.

For one, the most emotion you'll probably ever see from the Aquarius zodiac sign is when they are totally in love with you. And even then, there's not too much emotion there. Trust me, I know this because I'm a proud Aquarius who has, on more than one occasion, detached emotionally.

If Aquarius doesn't consider you to be their best friend, there's very little chance they'll see you as a potential romantic partner if you're trying to get to know them, or anything more than just a terrible ex if you've broken up.

When Aquarius does break up with you, you can almost guarantee that the light will go out of their eyes. 

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They will make it known that this is the end of your relationship, friendship, and association whatsoever. One of the darkest Aquarius traits is their tendency to be ice cold.

That said, Aquarians aren't always like that, as so many people like to believe. They can actually be very sensitive and warm when they trust the person they're around. If they really care about you, they're going to open up to you completely and let you see everything they are under the surface.

Even though the Aquarius personality might revert to an unemotional, detached persona when going through a breakup, they're actually really hurt inside.

So, how come you won't see that side? Because they're devastated from their heartbreak.

They've just lost a friend and now have to decide if showing emotion is the right way to handle things. Sometimes, after breaking up with an Aquarius, you'll never see those true emotions.

Other times, they just need some time alone to recover and gather their thoughts. But both times, they need space. Sure, Aquarius don't like feeling isolated, but they also desperately need that alone time to figure out what they want the next move to be.

Does Aquarius want to fight for the relationship? Is it over for good? Maybe they just need to take a break and see how they feel. There's a lot going on inside of them, but they need to do it alone.

On one hand, they really like being in a relationship; they enjoy being that one person you can love with all your heart. On the other hand, Aquarius is known for craving that sweet freedom of being single AND not feeling tied down to any one person.

So, if an Aquarius breaks up with you, you might be feeling heartbroken, but they might be ready to get back to loving the single life.

Aquarius' complex personality can make dealing with a breakup an enigma every single time — you never know what you're going to get. That said, there are some basic things that almost always come with a breakup with the Aquarius zodiac sign.

What is the Aquarius breakup style, according to astrology? Here are five basic things to know about how Aquarius act during and after a breakup, how to bring them back if you push them away, and their overall method of learning how to get over a breakup.

1. First, Aquarius detaches themselves from the situation.

As an Aquarius, even when we still have a lot of feelings for you, we need to remove ourselves from the current situation and recoup. There's nothing more heartbreaking to us than losing a friend and a lover, so we need some time alone to really figure out what our next move is going to be.

Whether the breakup or the situation leading to the breakup was messy or clean doesn't matter. At this moment, we're protecting our heart from any more damage.

In most matters that involve our heart, we tend to compartmentalize and file things away so that we don't have to feel them. It's not always healthy, but it helps us come to emotional situations with a clearer head.

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2. Then, they come at it from a logical perspective.

We are very matter-of-fact people, so whether we're dealing with a disagreement at work or going through a breakup, we tend to deal with the situations in similar ways. That way being thinking with our heads and not our hearts.

We will always choose to handle difficult situations with logic than emotion, which can sometimes be a good thing and sometimes be a bad thing. In any case, it can make us seem like we don't really care what the outcome of our relationship is.

While this isn't true, we're also not experts at expressing ourselves meaningfully. We will want to sit down and analyze the relationship from beginning to end. If it makes sense to break up, then we'll send you off with a "see ya!" and a wave. Harsh, but that's how we roll.

3. This zodiac sign copes by surrounding themselves with friends.

After the breakup, you might need lots of alone time, but we need to be surrounded by friends. Don't think we're not grieving the end of the relationship, though. We're definitely cut up about it, especially if it wasn't our idea to end things, but we cope in our own way.

For us, friends remind us that we still have a lot of people in our lives that would do just about anything for us. It might hurt us to know that the person we loved couldn't make it work, but knowing that we're not totally alone is reassuring.

We also use this grieving time around friends to recharge our batteries and get our energy back. Nothing screams "getting over my ex" like a night out on the town with our ten closest BFFs. We'll definitely need some alone time, too, but getting out of our isolated bubble is vital.

4. But Aquarius still demands respect.

If we've dumped you, it's for a very good reason. We don't just throw away a good thing unless we realize that it's been spoiled. There are a lot of reasons why we would break up with you, but the main ones are that you're too clingy, you're intolerant, or you don't treat us with respect.

We're adults just like you, so we don't need you to patronize us or demand things from us. As a zodiac sign that can't stand being told what to do, if you don't give us the respect we deserve, we will do everything in our power to rebel against you.

We create relationships based on a strong foundation of friendship and trust. When we ask for respect, it's because we want to be seen as your equal, not just when it's most convenient for you. Any intolerance or close-mindedness about that and we're done for good.

5. And they need space if you want them to come back.

Underneath all of this glacial emotional unavailability is actually a very sensitive zodiac sign. We know that we can be hard to handle at times because relationships don't come easily to us. But that doesn't mean we don't deserve someone who can be patient with us.

Sometimes, you don't mean to start a fight that will lead to a breakup. We get it, relationships are very difficult at times. Does that mean we should all just give up at the slightest bit of trouble? No, but we do sometimes need that reminder.

If you push us away, whether we've already broken up or not, it's important to give us space. Let us go and reconnect with ourselves before trying again. If anything, we'll want to stay friends, but until we're comfortable with that, we need some breathing room and alone time.

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