How A Capricorn Will Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Sometimes the relationship needs to end, and here's how a Capricorn would do it.

How A Capricorn Will Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology getty

Those born under the Capricorn zodiac sign are a serious bunch, and their relationships are no exception. If Capricorn is ready to leave the relationship, they won’t hesitate to do so. 

However, their breakup style varies according to zodiac compatibility, as each other zodiac sign matches with the Capricorn personality differently.

If you’re currently in a relationship with a Capricorn, it is beneficial to know how your sign matches up with theirs in a romantic relationship-type setting, as well as how the breakup might play out. This will allow you to prepare for how you will handle the situation, analyzing it first from a non-emotional perspective. Just keep in mind that if it’s not in the stars, it is ultimately in your best interest to move on.


There are a few of zodiac signs in astrology that stick out as nearly perfect matches when it comes to Capricorn compatibility. In the case that you and your partner have two extremely well-matched signs, you might be able to work through a near-breakup, or maybe you won’t come close to breaking up at all.

This list will tell you how Capricorn will break up with you (and if you’re a Capricorn yourself, this list predicts how you’ll go about it). Keep in mind that these situations are simply the most likely dynamics, but there are exceptions to each rule, of course.

So, depending on your zodiac sign as well as Capricorn traits, how will the Seagoat break your heart?


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Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Capricorn and Aries don’t make the best match. Aries are adventurous and wild while Capricorns crave stability and love to keep it low-key.

If the Capricorn in the relationship ends it, it’s likely because of this mismatched dynamic. The Capricorn might also feel like he or she is holding their Aries partner back, and that puts a strain on the relationship.


I’ve got good news for you, though: since both signs appreciate independence and self-sufficiency, a breakup will likely be very smooth and mutual.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus and Capricorn are both sensible sun signs, so they’re pretty highly compatible. Both signs are also commitment-oriented, so a breakup or divorce is pretty rare with this combo.

In the event that a Capricorn feels the need to end the relationship, however, the breakup will be pretty difficult simply because of the strong connection that the two of you shared. Capricorns are steadfast in their decision-making, so getting back together in the future is unlikely in spite of the strength of the relationship.


If it ended, there was probably a really justifiable reason.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Capricorn and Gemini are a low-compatibility match, but enjoyable relationships can still occur between the two. Over time, this dynamic can start to resemble a parent-child relationship more than a romantic partnership (with Capricorn acting as the parent).

In the event of a breakup initiated by the Capricorn, it is likely due in part to the fact that he or she feels burdened by the childlike manner of the Gemini.

Gemini’s free-spirited attitude becomes stressful for the practical and often overly-responsible Capricorn, so the breakup can be difficult but is the best option in the long-run.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancers are the sensitive and emotional type, and some Capricorns just can’t handle that much affection. If a Capricorn breaks up with a Cancer partner, it’s likely because they find them too clingy (when really the two signs are simply on different emotional processing levels).

Surprisingly, these signs are sexually compatible, so the most difficult part of working through the breakup is breaking the physical attachment.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Capricorn and Leo are very compatible with relationships and there is a ton of chemistry between the two signs. It’s a classic example of opposites attracting, unlike the mismatched mishmash of other signs that are seemingly opposite personalities from Capricorn.


If a Capricorn breaks up with a Leo, they are likely to do it from a very caring and altruistic perspective in order to minimize the hurt that they are causing their partner. Although breakups between the two seem unlikely, they are horrendously painful and drawn-out as both partners are quite attached.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo and Capricorn are as compatible as Leo and Capricorn, but in a much different way. These two signs have many similar personality traits: both approach life seriously and rationally, and both are hard-working and encouraging of their partner’s ambitions.

A Capricorn-initiated breakup between these signs will be approached with the utmost maturity, and the Virgo partner will likely handle it with grace.


Both partners recognize that the decision was made with the best interest of the relationship in mind, and feelings were put aside in order to weigh the options. It won’t be an easy one to move past, but it will certainly be civil.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Capricorn and Libra are relatively compatible, but it’s nothing to write home about. In this relationship dynamic, the two signs tend to communicate well in general, but the Libra tends to get more attached and expect more out of the relationship.

Both are ambitious and strive to help each other as much as possible, but sometimes the Libra is just too disorganized for the orderly Capricorn. If a Capricorn ends a relationship with a Libra partner, they will likely not look back despite the Libra’s best attempts at keeping their attention.


The breakup likely stemmed from a clash of interests in which both partners were unable to put the other’s needs first. Eventually, this will come to be understood and accepted.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

A Scorpio/Capricorn pairing is a match made in heaven. The two signs exhibit similar dispositions in a way that really complements each other. Because of this, both partners in the relationship carry high respect for one another.

They truly bring out the best in each other! However, sometimes it just needs to end. If the Capricorn ends the relationship, the breakup will be approached respectfully and peacefully.

It is a rare instance in which the Capricorn will express emotion and be candid, which the Scorpio will recognize and respect despite the hurt and loss of attachment that it will bring.


On a lighter note, a Scorpio partner might be the only person to ever receive a second chance from a Capricorn, which says a lot.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

In contrast, Sagittarius has a very low compatibility score with Capricorn. The two signs are known to have difficulty communicating with each other, as Sagittarius partners tend to be carefree and Capricorns try (unsuccessfully) to lock them into expectations.

In the relationship, the Sagittarius might feel judged and held back by their Capricorn partner. If the Capricorn picks up on this (which he or she likely will due to their constant analysis and introspection), the relationship is over.


The breakup won’t be too difficult, as both partners probably accept that there are better matches out there for each of them.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Like most signs, Capricorns match well with fellow Capricorns due to the innate understanding of each other’s temperament as their own (plus, the sexual chemistry is amazing). The most difficult part of this match is the beginning since both partners tend to be reserved and avoid being the initiator.


However, when they come together, they can be inseparable. If a Capricorn feels that they must break up with their partner of the same sign, it is likely because they are too similar and both partners put work first.

Even though it’s a great relationship and often long-lasting, sometimes both partners neglect to put in the work as they are focused on their own ventures. Since fellow Capricorns are on the same wavelength, the breakup will likely be quite mutual.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Like the Capricorn/Sagittarius pairing, Capricorn and Aquarius are pretty mismatched with poor communication. The only difference here is that Aquarius and Capricorn signs tend to have some chemistry in the bedroom, which can make the breakup slightly more difficult to get past (in fact, they might stick together just for the sex long after all traces of emotion are gone).


The Capricorn in the relationship might get frustrated by the lack of structure in the Aquarius’s life, kicking off the breakup. There will be a lot of argument and misunderstanding around this one, so buckle up.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Capricorn and Pisces are fairly well-matched, but when the breakup is inevitable the Capricorn will certainly be the one to initiate it. Pisces are much more caring and emotional than the serious and rational Capricorn, who likes to take control (and the Pisces often appreciates giving up control).

While both signs appreciate harmony and longevity in a relationship, Capricorn might be the one to break it off simply because of reasons outside of the relationship (i.e., focus on work, take time for themselves). If Pisces is able to see it from his or her partner’s perspective, then this can be a smooth breakup full of compassion and understanding.


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