This Couple PERFECTLY Captures What A Long-Distance Relationship Is Like

Photo: Unsplash
long-distance relationship

Distance really DOES make the heart grow fonder.

By Talia Lakritz

Becca Siegel and Dan Gold share a passion for travel photography — a pursuit that continues to lead them to different parts of the world. But it also has a way of bringing the couple together

Through their Half Half Travel Instagram account, Siegel and Gold combine photos of their respective locations, and even show themselves arm in arm on two different continents with a bit of Photoshop magic. While paying tribute to their individual adventures, the photos fuse their experiences into a narrative that transcends the thousands of miles between them.

Dan Gold and Becca Siegel met on the dating app Bumble in December 2015, and have been together since.

Siegel lived abroad in Hong Kong and China and is now based in New York while traveling on her own.​

Gold is traveling with Remote Year, a program that brings entrepreneurs together to work and live in a different city each month.​

Since Gold left for Europe in May 2016, they've seen each other four times.​

The longest they've ever been apart is four months.​

Later this month, they'll reunite in Cordoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina.​

Their shared passion for travel photography helps them stay in touch.​

They match up their photos side by side to compare their surroundings.​

Sometimes, the landscapes blend right into each other.​

Other times, the differences are more stark.​

Well-traveled as they are, their list of favorite destinations is a long one.​

Siegel loved living in Hong Kong and China. As far as her more recent travels, highlights include visiting South Africa and Zambia with friends and enjoying Portugal's diverse landscapes with Gold. 

Gold's favorites include road tripping around Iceland, exploring Prague and other parts of the Czech Republic, eating tacos nonstop and visiting the pyramids in Mexico, hiking in Colombia with Siegel, and living like a local in Lima, Peru. 

They said the key to making a long distance relationship work is understanding and communication.

"If you don't hear from your boyfriend/girlfriend for half a day, it's because they lost service on a mountain (both guilty), or because their phone died (same for this), not because they don't miss you," Siegel wrote in an email to INSIDER. "Equally important are planning visits/trips and looking forward to having new adventures together, counting the days 'til you next see the other person, knowing that you're both thinking about each other, and, of course, sending postcards and surprises in the mail!"

"Through our photos, we hope to convey that the world is a huge and beautiful place, but that distances are only as big as you make them," she said.

This article was originally published at Insider. Reprinted with permission from the author.