It's Not Just You, Ladies! The Following 9 Things DO Happen To Men, Too

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Some things aren't a woman-only issue, folks.

Women’s rights have a long, long way to go — but then again, gender equality as a whole has a long way to go. Though there definitely are a lot more problems when it comes to just getting equal footing as women, the fact is that it’s a dual gender struggle.

The problem I’ve noticed is that a lot of women don’t actually believe that men, too, face problems of sexual discrimination because of our rigid social constructs and institutional biases. Trust me when I say that the following things do happen to men, even if it’s less discussed than with women.

1. Men can get raped and sexually assaulted.

Yes, it is possible for women to rape men and for men to be raped by other men as well. In fact, RAINN noted that around 1 out of every 10 rape victims are male. That’s millions of men around the world. The actual rate may even be higher, since most men are ashamed to admit that they’ve been sexually assaulted.

2. Men also can get discriminated against for being male.

Did you know that many school administrators warn male teachers against touching students or even talking with the door closed? The reason why is because there’s an increasing wariness around male teachers due to the media coverage of male child molesters who were employed as teachers.

Gay men who are parenting young daughters, too, often get comments, questions, and stops from strangers who assume the worst. For a lot of guys, it often feels like a case of “guilty until proven innocent.”

3. Men can be body-shamed, too.

Most of the time, when women think of body-shaming, they think of men pointing and laughing at them or calling them fat. While this is the most common way it happens, women body-shame men when they make fun of the guys’ penis sizes.

4. If you think men can’t be slut-shamed, think again.

I’ve personally heard women talk about guys who were promiscuous, telling other women how the guys “probably have the HIV.” Not cool, ladies.

5. Men feel shame if they don’t have relationships.

The common trope among women is that they’re relationship crazy because of the fear of single stigma. To a point, there is a lot of truth in there being a worry that you’ll be considered weird or defective by society if you’re a single woman over a certain age.

Believe it or not, men often feel the same amount of pressure, too. Some even get frantic about having kids. Society kind of pressures us all that way.

6. Men can get abused and most people won’t believe them if cops get called, either.

A surprisingly high number of men have been in emotionally, financially, or physically abusive relationships in which they were the abused party.

7. Most people forget that men tend to be shoved into socially approved roles as well.

Society says that the ideal man is either a loving provider and father, a playboy, or a leader of some sort. If a guy wants to be a house husband, a dancer, or a writer, he’ll often get derided as “weak,” “lazy,” or “unmasculine.” That hurts them just as much as women being told they’re “meant to be mothers.”

8. Men also can be the victim of insane standards.

The funny thing about men is that they’re often told to do everything for a woman while also doing nothing for them. If they commit to a girl, they’re warned that women will take everything from them. They get pressured to get six packs and look sexy.

So, standards aren’t a woman-only issue; guys suffer it, too. What’s weird is that there are a lot of times when men tend to be more toxic and critical about this than women are. Food for thought, no?

9. Lastly, men get derided and mocked if they actually voice their concerns, too.

You know how a lot of women’s concerns get dismissed as hormones and us just being whiny? Guys get that too, except it comes in the form of being told to “man up.”

I’m not saying men are perfect or that there aren’t things they should be doing. What I am saying is that sexual discrimination and stupid social expectations hurt us all a lot more than we realize, and that we do need to talk about it. After all, we can’t fix things if we can’t admit we have a problem.