10 Men Reveal Heartbreaking Reasons Why They Broke Off Long-Term Relationships

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"I was gay and she was just my beard."

It would be easy to assume that most relationships end because of constant fighting or the clichés of realizing you’ve grown into different people, but the truth is, romances of all varieties fall apart for any number of reasons. That said, it is infinitely harder to call it quits on a romance where we’ve logged serious hours, which is why most long-term relationships burn out slowly.

With so many loose ends, uncertainty, and underlying optimism about saving something that was once great, it’s rare to hear of a years-long romance that collapses quickly. It’s baffling and shocking to many, but usually, it makes sense to those on the inside.

Here, these men explain why guys break up with you and end relationships they’d been settled into for the long haul.  

1. I was closer to my co-worker than my girlfriend.

“Actually, I broke it off because I realized I was closer to someone I knew from work than I was with her and that seemed wrong. I didn't cheat or anything, but I looked more forward to seeing this co-worker than I did to seeing my girlfriend, and it dawned on me that that was a problem. So we went our separate ways... I never dated my co-worker, in case you were wondering."

2. She was sick and I couldn't take care of her.

"She had health issues that got to a point where I couldn’t take care of her anymore. I know that sounds like the most douchebag thing ever, but I thought that me being around and building up resentment toward her wasn’t helping either of us and definitely wouldn’t help her get better. I wasn’t what she needed.”

3. I just f*cking hated her parents.

“Things were fine for the first part, but then they moved closer and I had to deal with them and how they made her feel and controlled her all the time. I told her some bullsh*t reason when I broke it off, though. At the time, I didn’t see the point in giving them more ammo to hate me, but now I wonder if it would have given her perspective about how terrible they were for her.”

4. Honestly, I just wanted to be single.

“We had been together since high school — like, 5 years — and I loved her, but I felt like I needed to get out and find out who I was as an adult without another person hitched to my identity. She was hurt, but she understood and now we’re both happy, so no regrets.”

5. He was a serial cheater.

“Well, apparently he was cheating on me with half the town. My friends found out a few months before I did but thought maybe it was just rumors or whatever, but then he got sloppy and started leaving his phone out where I could see him getting texts from, like, three other dudes. What the hell, right? We lived together and had just gotten a dog!”

6. She was too boring.

“I just got bored, honestly. I tried to make it interesting. I tried to make her want to make it interesting, but she just wanted to be comfortable. So I left. I can’t change anybody.”

7. She told me she didn’t love me anymore.

“But she said it was probably just a phase. She wanted to keep living together while she ‘worked through it’ instead of going ahead and filing for separation. I was so messed up by it that it took me a week to realize that that was bullsh*t. I packed my bags and moved out while she was at work.”

8. It was no one thing that made me finally leave.

“We’d been drifting apart for a couple years, and I felt trapped for at least half that time. We were fighting more and more about the same sh*t and finally, one day, I just decided I wasn’t going to do it anymore. I literally just said, ‘Okay. I’m done’ and made do on a friend’s couch until I could find someplace better. It was a slow-burn to a sudden death.”

9. I was gay and she was just my beard.

"Oh God. My beard! Yeah, so, I dated my high school girlfriend for three years and when we graduated, I finally came out. She knew I was gay (well, everyone knew I was gay) and she was really upset at first. She kept saying, 'We can work through this!' I think she really thought she could pray it away or heal me or something. But anyway, yes. That's my shameful, cliché past."

10. I stupidly wanted to have sex with someone else.

“Ugghhhh... I was an idiot and ditched the girl I’d been with for three years because I really wanted to f*ck someone else... just for a weekend. Nothing serious. Twenty-one-year-old guys are assh*les.”