Now There's A Coloring Book To Help You Find Your Soulmate (Yes, Really!)

inkspirations love coloring book

*Buying immediately*

Coloring has become all the rage since the brilliant creation of adult coloring books.

And while it might be enough to color in some pretty scenery or your favorite Harry Potter character, now you can do so much more.

You can color your way to love!

You're skeptical, I'm sure. After all, how could something like that work?

We know coloring books can deliver a sense of peace, a feeling of accomplishment, and a great creative outlet. But a soulmate!?

Well, artist Manja Burton and author Arielle Ford, author of books like The Soulmate Secret, have come together to create a unique adult coloring book that helps you find love, by using the Law of Attraction.

Filled with stunning images, inspirational quotes and short "exercises" to help you look deep inside yourself, Inkspirations is the perfect way for you to work on yourself while having an excuse to color.

What better time to think about who we are and what we want than when we are in a stress-less state of coloring?

The book is already available to purchase and people are loving it (just read the reviews)!

We could all use some extra help finding love — and what's more fun than doing it while coloring?

There's certainly nothing to lose ... right?! At the very least you get a moment of peace and colorful tranquility!

Check out The Soulmate Secret coloring book on Amazon... Never know, you might just color your way to a lifetime of happiness!