Beware Of A Guy Who Runs To Someone Else The Moment Things Get Hard

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He's just afraid to be alone.

In times of trouble, you can learn the most about people and what they really want. 

When things are good and happy, it's easy to believe in the best. To think that the guy you're dating only has eyes for you and that when those hard times inevitably come around, he'll still be there. 

But then shit hits the fan and he's nowhere to be found. 

There are tons of guys who run away in the heat of confrontation. Some people are just straight up bad at arguing and don't know how to handle themselves in those situations. Those kinds of problems are understandable and — if both parties are willing — totally fixable. 

What absolutely under no circumstances is ever okay is when he runs to another woman the moment things get hard. 

Whether it's as innocent sounding as dinner or as despicable as a one-night stand, people who always run to someone else to fix their problems actually have much bigger problems to deal with. 

Let's say you and your boyfriend get into a fight. You tell him to get out and he leaves. After taking the rest of the day to cool off, you call him in the morning to patch things up. You stayed up all night crying and soul-searching and you figured he had done the same. So it comes as kind of a shock to you that instead, he spent the night at the bar with his friend Sarah, "talking things over." 

Oh, and Sarah isn't one of those platonic female friends he's known forever that you're totally cool with. She's his friend from work that you've always had a weird feeling about. 

Big. Red. Flag. 

These kinds of guys are not the kind of guys you want to get into relationships with. Because being with you doesn't really have anything to do with being with you. It's not your winning personality or charming good looks that they're into.

It's the attention you give them that they like. 

I once was super into this guy and I thought he was into me too. Until one of my friends asked him about me, and he straight up said: "Yeah man, she's cool. I love how much attention she gives me.

This special kind of gentleman will run to the next person they think will be gaga over them the moment you're not. You will only be able to completely call them yours if you make them the center of your universe 24/7. 

Thankfully, you don't have to wait for a fight to spot this behavior. Just ask about his track record and see if there was ever a moment in his life where he didn't have someone he was "talking to." If he's the kind of guy that pretty much every girl you know has had some interaction with, then walk away. 

You deserve someone who wants more than just your attention.