Marry The Person Who Just GETS You

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He is up for your weirdness, however it plays out.

There are so many qualities to look for in a man. We all have our individual list, but there are a few that always seem to rise to the top: a great sense of humor, a warm heart, all wrapped up in a good-looking or sexy package.

Then you have your more individual and quirky requirements like must love sushi, must hate country music, and must hate small dogs that yap. (OK, maybe you can bend on the sushi, but the other things are a deal-breaker.)

You alone know what specifically makes a great guy for you. But it can be confusing sometimes because you can be with a guy who meets all your high-level requirements, but you hesitate when taking the relationship to the next level.

Why? When you try to put your finger on it and figure out exactly what it is about him that you're not sure about, you're at a loss.


You go back through your Ideal Husband Checklist to see if you missed something. Hmm...he's got a hilarious personality, loves kids, has a great head of hair and wants the same things as you do in life, but there's still that something missing.

I think I know what might be missing: it's the "he gets you" factor.

Of course, you know I'm not talking about "get" meaning to have and keep. What I really mean is that oomphy kind of get, like when you're with him and everything just feels so right.

Do you feel like no matter what you say, no matter how insane or ridiculous you act, that he understands and jives where you're coming from? If so, then he totally GETS you.

If the guy's "get you" factor is high, then he can even score low on some of your other requirements and still be considered husband material. Like maybe he's not your usual type — you usually go for tall, dark and handsome, but he's short and blondish. Maybe you guys argue or have disagreements a little more than you have in past relationships.

That's totally fine and normal as long as you have that magic feeling of him just totally knowing you and getting you.


There's an amazing waterfall of events that happen when you're with a guy that gets you: You become more of who you really are. You feel more comfortable to express those deeper parts of you that you otherwise might have left hidden.

He makes you feel like it's OK to have the quirks you do and that it's OK to have the beliefs you do because he understands.

There's nothing worse than feeling misunderstood in a relationship. You know, when a guy is totally dumbstruck when you do something you haven't done before and he acts as is if you suddenly have three heads.

"What do you mean you want to own a Chinchilla farm? That's just weird!" or "You like playing board games on a Saturday night instead of clubbing?!"

You don't want to have to explain yourself every day and come up with reasons why you like what you do or feel the way you do. You want the man with whom you're thinking about spending your life with to accept your oddities, regardless of whether he feels the same way.


You know that feeling when you're 100% comfortable with a guy, sitting on the couch in your jammies, eating popcorn by the handful and watching your favorite Netflix show? You can sing songs off-key and your guy just smiles and sighs because he GETS you. He is up for your weirdness, however it plays out.

Because let's face it: we're all weird in our own way. Nobody is normal. We all have our quirks and idiosyncrasies. You don't want to marry some guy who's going to make you feel like it's not OK to express those parts of yourself that are hard to explain.

When you both get each other, there's no stopping you. 

Just be willing to listen to each other and remain open to whatever may come. You don't need to agree on everything, just be accepting enough to be chill with each other's ideas and feelings.