5 Really Good (& Totally Logical) Reasons You're Single Again

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Here's a hint... it's not ALL your fault.

Finding lasting love isn't easy. You don't have to settle to be in a relationship because you're afraid of being single. Plenty of people are used to being single, and for good reason. When a person isn't ready for love, that doesn't mean unwilling. A lot of things in life can make putting a real relationship in the back burner a great idea.

For example, if you experienced childhood abuse, you might want to heal rather than make your lover become a therapist. Maybe you grew up struggling and really, really want to be financially independent, because your biggest fear is being vulnerable. Some divorced moms and dads prefer to focus on their kids, and jumping into a new relationship seems selfish just yet. 

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But for many singles, there are just a few plain, downright logical reasons why things didn't work out. (Honestly, it's tough finding Mr. or Ms. Right these days!) Thoughts like "why am I single?" might keep you up at night, but don't blame yourself just yet.

You give it a shot, see how things go. He's good looking. Or she's hot and brings lots of fun to the table. It was way worth it until that one moment when you realized it was time to call it quits. Sometimes being single is better for lots of reasons. See if you can relate to these 5 logical reasons to why you really are single and happy about it.

1. You just got tired of being the only adult in the relationship. 

A quirky habit is a deal breaker, especially when it annoys you to no end. The red flag flew up early. You saw it and couldn't believe your eyes. He sat there chewing with his mouth open over dinner. She could never stop complaining about her co-workers.

At first, you doubted yourself. Everyone hits a down note, right? So, rather than cancel the second date, come across like a jerk because hey, you really DO want things to progress. But that second chance turned into free therapy with a full grown child who can't adult to save their life.

No shame here. Someone has to be the adult and if you're not into it, you're not into it. Plain and simple.

2. You woke up one day and realized your friends were right about your sucky relationship.

Your girlfriends warned you. They saw the heartbreak coming, but you just had to figure it out for yourself. Even you were fooled for a while.

Every time the tension exploded, things died down with promises to get better. It's just that you wanted more romance and real love. It hurt to call it off. You sucked up the pain and cut the ties. You know it took courage to admit to your family and friends that they were right when you were wrong.

But the cold, hard truth is you are secretly glad they told you it wasn't going to work. Besides, now you can get together with your friends and joke about how you dodged a bullet (again). 

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3. Things got emotionally sticky. 

You still talked to your ex and thought about your last relationship more than you should. For some reason, you kept breaking up and then getting back together again. You still haven't met his friends.

Whatever the red flags were, they were up, and your instincts started to sense things weren't really all that great. No trust and all bets were off. Of course, you weighed the pros and cons of being in a relationship and working it out. You heard the success stories. After a few days of not talking, you figured why waste more time? You really do like being single after all. 

4. Things moved too fast.

Sometimes the idea of love is a lot easier to handle than being in a relationship. You look at that one person and wonder if you can do it. Being single seems easier. Not to mention, what if one of you change? Or worse, you fall out of love?

You didn't really mean for anyone to get hurt. A part of you thought this time might be different and you'd be fine. But the bottom line is you just aren't ready to commit to anyone. Being single is something you just NEED to do for now. 

5. You were tired of dealing with all the drama.

The drama got out of control. His family wouldn't accept you. Your friends didn't like him. He wouldn't let you keep your clothes or toothbrush at his house. He was allergic to your favorite cat. His dog got jealous of you. After a while, being single was a relief. So you never looked back.

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