Smart Women Only Use Dating Apps For Fun — NOT To Find Love

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You can't take Tinder seriously.

Like most of our self-created problems in life, the issues we have with dating apps come from expecting too much.

We think the guys should message us first, and wait an appropriate amount of time to ask for our phone number. We want them to take us on a real, romantic date rather than to meet them out at a bar.

We swipe right expecting Prince Charming and get pissed when all we find is a bunch of horny frogs. 

I’m sorry, but why use dating apps? The possibility that you’ll find real lasting love on an app where you judge people by five photos and a short bio is very, very rare. It happens, a lot of things happen, but it isn’t the norm. 

The norm is sending monkey GIFs to a stranger for two hours and then never hearing from him again. 


More often than not, conversations go nowhere and people stop responding or say something weird. But why are we complaining about it? Did we really think romance was going to blossom with a guy who’s bio reads “no strings attached”? 

When smart girls go on Tinder, they do it with a light heart and low expectations. They swipe right looking for a silly conversation or maybe a hookup (no judgment), not a future husband. And those girls are having a lot more fun than you. 

You have to let go of the dream and accept the reality: you’ll never find love if you’re constantly looking for it. 

Don’t take guys on Tinder or dating apps so seriously. Something about being able to hide behind a cell phone screen makes dudes a lot more bold with their seduction techniques — which is bound to lead to some weird conversations. 


Rather than get all upset that he isn’t trying to get to know you, laugh at it. Screenshot it. Send it to your friends. Turn all your worst Tinder convos into a book and make some dough. 

Whatever you do, stop expecting them to sweep you off your feet, because they probably won’t.

Because let’s be real for a second: do you really want to meet a guy on Tinder? Don't be so desperate for a boyfriend that you’re willing to compromise your values and get hung up over a guy who’s job title is “where the money at.” 

No. No, no no. 

Being single can be fun if you let it. As long as you're safe (maybe don’t give anyone your real number) and you feel comfortable with it, Tinder can be a great way to celebrate your do-whatever-the-eff-I-want independence. 

So if you’re serious about finding love, stop being so serious, and start having fun.