We Asked Men To Share The SECRETS They Keep From Women They Like

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dating secrets

And whoa...

​When you first meet someone and realize that you're attracted to them, dating can go from being totally miserable to totally exciting. Everything is suddenly sunshine and lollipops and great sex

And did we mention the great sex?!

But new relationships aren't a cakewalk either.

If you are dating someone new and think things are going to get serious, it means that you have to start making yourself vulnerable. This isn't for anyone, but most of the time we are willing to take the risk in the hopes of making a real connection.

As women, we all know what scares us the most about the new men we're dating finding out about who we really are. Now it's time to turn the tables.

I consulted a group of anonymous men about what secrets or facts about them that they're most afraid of their new partner finding out about them.

What I found out is pretty darn illuminating. 

When you start dating someone, what things are you worried they'll find out about you? Everything from minor bad habits to big, bad ugly stuff about past relationships or behavior? 

  • "I am afraid they'll find out I am naive and trusting and thus take advantage of me. Everything else is just humanity speaking - the weird things I like, the small bigotries I hold on to (like, if you don't read a lot don't bother dating me), the little ways in which I treat myself well and poorly - that's all basic parts of being a person. It's the fact that I am vulnerable that I fear someone will see."
  • "There have been times where I am unconsciously worried that she would know how much I liked her, because she was so phobic of anyone liking her. Thankfully, that seems like it's mostly in the past. Other than that, I'm very, very open. As soon as possible (usually on the first date), I get out all of the stuff most people would think of as weird."
  • "I have roughly two pairs of underwear. Neither pair is ever clean."


  • "I talk to my mom on the phone every day and this is not a line or something like that, but I do worry that women will find this out and think I'm a creepy mommy's boy or something."
  • "I'm color blind, and even though I'm in my 40s now, it's still something I get a little sensitive about. I know I should just tell people straight out, but there never seems to be the right time to bring it up."
  • "The amount I masturbate. I masturbate a lot. I used to worry it wasn't normal, but now it's like who cares?" 

  • "It's not that big of a deal but I love chick flicks. If I had my way I would spend every Friday night at home with a six pack and something sappy on Netflix."
  • "When I lost my virginity. When I start dating someone I know that this is a thing we will talk about eventually and since I didn't lose it until I hit my twenties it can be awkward to talk about."
  • "This is a tough one, it would be easy to list all of the usual things people do when they are alone (I talk to myself, I don't put the seat down, that stuff) but I think the stuff I actually fear involves my past relationship history. I have cheated on two partners, one was a drunken one time thing and the other was a repeated occurrence. I could explain myself obviously, and I have changed a lot, but telling someone you're into that you're a cheater doesn't exactly put you in the best light."