Who You'll Marry (And Divorce), Based On Your Zodiac Signs’ Compatibility

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How much can zodiac sign marriage statistics reveal about your future with a potential partner?

There are points in our lives when we look back on the actions we've taken and feel a whole variety of emotions — everything from regret and embarrassment to satisfaction and pride.

If you knew in advance that something would be a huge mistake, would you avoid doing it?

What if it a person not only broke your heart but destroyed your self-esteem; would you do everything you could to avoid getting involved with them?

Is the saying "It is better to have loved and lost," really true, or is it better to try to protect yourself?

Most of us don't have the ability to see the future nor do we have a psychic on retainer, but there are other ways that we can get guidance and information.

While astrology can't always accurately predict the events or the relationships we'll have, zodiac signs marriage statistics can provide insight. 

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Statistics about zodiac signs can offer you guidance in the realm of love compatibility, including the types of people you're most likely to gravitate toward and be attracted to based on their personality traits and physical characteristics.

In this way, astrology can uncover which sun signs are most likely to bring love or heartbreak (i.e., a happy marriage or a devastating divorce) to those born under your own.

Should you take these astrological clues as the gospel truth? No. But what you should do is consider the truths that they may indicate.

The study of the stars has gone on for hundreds of years and they can be helpful when making major decisions.

If you're a Pisces and have read for years that Pisces people and Gemini people aren't a good match, then maybe don't elope with a Gemini. Instead, take the time to get to know them and really consider if they're a good match for you before you marry them.

Astrology is here to guide us — not to make decisions about our lives but to help us weigh our options and look at things from another angle.

Here's what the stars in your horoscopes have to say about the man you'll marry (and divorce), for each of the zodiac signs.

Aries divorce Cancer

The sexual attraction between the two will be immediate and undeniable and may make the two marry much too quickly.

Once that initial attraction has worn off, the Aries and the Cancer will notice that there isn't much between them. And even worse, they're actually sexually incompatible. After much arguing and fighting, they'll divorce.

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Taurus divorce Sagittarius

Initially, Taurus will pretend both to themselves and their partner that they're cool with Sagittarius' free-spirited ways, when the truth is, they bug the hell out of Taurus.

The minute Taurus tries to put Sagittarius on a short-leash, game over. Sagittarius was born to be wild and Taurus was born to enjoy the luxuries of home. When Sagittarius goes wandering, Taurus will file for divorce.

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Gemini divorce Pisces

Pisces is too emotional for Gemini, who believes in not letting things get to them too much.

Gemini will be attracted to Pisces' creativity, but they're used to living in the moment, which will cause feelings of distrust and suspicion in Pisces. Their union will unstable from the start and will grow more so as time goes on until it collapses in divorce.

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Cancer divorce Capricorn

It's no secret that Cancers are the best in bed.

When Cancer meets Capricorn, both will be blown away by their strong sexual chemistry, and at first, sex will be mind-blowingly great.

But over time, Cancer will get annoyed with Capricorn's practicality and reserve, and being married will no longer seem like a great idea.

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Leo divorce Virgo

At first, Virgo will be starstruck by Leo and their big, bold personality, so much so that they'll marry them without doing their usual and very thorough background search.

Leo likes to live large and Virgo can't wrap their mind around that at all. Leo is the boss of all things and Virgo can't stand being told what to do. Divorce is imminent once Virgo starts to criticize Leo and give suggestions on how they can improve themselves.

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Virgo divorce Aries

Virgo is fascinated by Aries boldness and kickass spirit and may fall quickly in love.

The problem is that Aries is actually too adventurous for Virgo. Virgo gets along better with people who are reliable and dependable. Aries is about taking action and Virgo is about analyzing everything, and in the end, the couple will find that they no longer have a middle ground.

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Libra divorce Capricorn

Capricorns will feel an immediate physical attraction for Libra, and in turn, Libra will admire Capricorn's gift for making money.

It will seem like a balanced relationship when they marry, but Libra's laziness will begin to grate on Capricorn's nerves. Libra will continue to go out and party, and that's just not what Capricorn is into. These two signs are just too incompatible for a marriage to last.

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Scorpio divorce Sagittarius

When a Scorpio and a Sagittarius get together, almost everyone around them will know instantly that it's not going to work. Unfortunately, they'll wed before they have their eyes opened.

Scorpio loves home and hearth, and Sagittarius can't wait to leave it. Scorpio is way too demanding and possessive for a Sagittarius to tolerate.

The bottom line is that these two would have a great one-night stand, not a great marriage.

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Sagittarius divorce Cancer

It's remarkable how often these two signs actually get together — maybe because they're a drama queen's dream.

With the joining of a Sagittarius and a Cancer, there's a lot of excitement, sex, deception, disappointments, and control. This coupling is like an entire season of Scandal. Both Sagittarius and Cancer will try to gain control over the other, and both, like their marriage, will fail.

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Capricorn divorce Pisces

This will be everybody's favorite couple: the solid, practical, Capricorn and the dreamy, creative, sensitive Pisces.

They'll feel as if they're characters in a novel, with their differences being the thing that joins them. And for a while, they'll be happy. However, the day will come when their differences will be too great and they'll divorce, surprising everyone who knew them as that perfect couple.

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Aquarius divorce Leo

You'd think this alliance would work — both love being around people and both are charismatic.

They'll get intoxicated by the seeming rightness of them as a power couple, but in actuality, they're very different. Leo craves the spotlight and will do anything to get it, whereas Aquarius doesn't feel the need to do anything to draw people to them.

Aquarius lives their life by doing things for others and living a life of intellectual challenge, and Leo likes things flashier and superficial. Leo will be relieved when Aquarius files for divorce but will put on a big show of being upset. Hey, attention is attention.

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Pisces divorce Aries

Both these two seem to have missed the memo that you can admire someone and have sex with them, but you don't have to marry them. Both of these signs are attractive and inspire people, but they don't go together well.

Pisces' heart is soft and kind, and Aries can be kind of blunt; they also have a tendency to speak without taking into consideration another person's feelings. Aries would rather be alone than be with someone who keeps them from taking action with their neediness. Yep, these two will definitely crash and burn.

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What zodiac signs should marry each other?

That said, there are some perfect matches out there.

Of all the sun signs, Taurus and Virgo are absolute soulmates.

Libras are also a good match with Aries, Gemini, and Taurus

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