The Ultimate Aquarius Compatibility Guide: Understanding Love And Relationships

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The Ultimate Aquarius Compatibility Guide:
Love, Zodiac

Your guide to the mysterious Aquarius in your life.

As if dating isn't already hard enough. Technology has made connecting with people nearly impossible! It turns out understanding your zodiac sign compatibility can really help you find the one.

Aquarius needs a person they can mentally connect with. Your average shallow date, the one who is only into looks, just won't cut it, especially with someone with high relationship expectations like an Aquarius. 

Her heart is full of love that she gives back to the world through charity or taking on a cause. But on the flip side, Aquarius can be so cool-headed that she's emotionally detached. Aquarius just wants an independent man that can not only march to their own drum but keep up with hers!

The problem is if you need someone to hold your hand she isn't the one. She has trouble letting her guard down and can be unpredictable. The good news is that she can be extremely adventurous and open-minded enough to be down for almost anything in the bedroom.

She's one of the only zodiac signs that will focus on your needs and listen to what you have to say. She always knows what to say to lift your spirits and she wants to connect with you on a deeper level.

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Aquarius may seem cold and distant. But if you prove you're genuine and pass their mental tests, you're guaranteed to win their hearts.

So, how do you know that you and Aquarius will feel sparks when you're together? How can you make Aquarius happy?

Maybe you want to capture an Aquarius's attention. Make it so that you're the only thing she thinks about. Or maybe you're trying to improve your relationship in any way that you can. Here's what you need to know about Aquarius compatibility

Best Aquarius zodiac compatibility


Aquarius is most compatible with Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries. Aquarius can be very eccentric, so they need people who are willing to let them be themselves. People who are open to intellectual ideas.

Who is Aquarius NOT compatible with, according to astrology?

Okay, so maybe Aquarius isn't the easiest sign to get along with. Often misunderstood, they need signs that are willing to take an active interest in genuinely getting to know them.

Taurus and Scorpio signs are least compatible with Aquarius and will send them running. Scorpio is way too emotionally intense! Prone to jealousy, Scorpio may try to manipulate Aquarius and it won't end well.

Taurus, on the other hand, is slow moving, Aquarius unpredictability will end up annoying Taurus. And the Taurus is much too dull for Aquarius taste.

Just because you're not compatible romantically, doesn't stop your sexual compatibility. Aquarius and Scorpio may be opposites, but the sexual chemistry is amazing between them! While in the romance department they're lacking. With Aquarius, there is plenty of passion and sensual in sex. But the extremeness in Scorpio actually works wonders in the bedroom. Together they're free to explore their sexuality.

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Note that I only said sexually compatible. Scorpio is still the worst match for an Aquarius.

Top Aquarius relationship needs


Aquariuses need mental stimulation and freedom. Before you can get into an Aquarius's heart, you have to convince her that you are the best and smartest person she could choose. She isn't into all that lovey-dovey stuff and needs you to be understanding and willing to think. 

Being untrusting is definitely not a good look. She has to be free to do what she wants when she wants and for you to trust that she will always come back to you.

What Aquarius can give in a relationship that other zodiac signs can't


An Aquarius thinks carefully before they do anything. This means if they've chosen you, you are an ideal partner because they won't settle for anything less. This means they will be wholly committed to you. They will dedicate themselves to learning everything you like and keeping you happy. 

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Where an Aquarius is most likely to find love


The best way to meet an Aquarius is to frequent their typical haunts like a library, bookstore, an internet cafe or club. An Aquarius is more likely to take an interest in you if you're around their favorite places. If you pick up an interesting book, you're likely to catch their eye and be able to start a great conversation. 

Aquarius won't find their best love match just anywhere. For example, Aquariuses are really chill about most things, but they don't like dealing with financial issues. Meeting them in a bank is a big no-no. They also can't stand disharmony and pushy people. Public transportation isn't an ideal meeting place because they're on-the-go.

The best time for an Aquarius to find love

Aquarius is thoughtful, especially when it comes to romance and relationships. The best time to look for love is when you feel ready and confident in yourself. You have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else. Once you carry on being confident and, free love will come for you.

Why is Aquarius so irresistible?

Aquarius may seem like she can be distant, but she surprisingly straightforward. She will let you know what she likes, how she likes it and more (if you know what I mean). 

She always upbeat and can make anything a blast. She will take you on unexpected mini-adventures. You can find her doing anything from enjoying a hike to joining a crazy fun painting class she just found about. She will definitely keep you on your toes. 

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides. She can be so unpredictable that it seems like she's an out there, in a she may actually be kind of crazy way. It can turn other people off, and they can be easily misunderstood.

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How to make an Aquarius happy in her relationship:

Aquarius is very easy-going. For her to be truly happy in a relationship, you have to try to connect with her emotionally. Be considerate of her and her need for space, and definitely don't try to make her conform. Appreciate her crazy!

So how EXACTLY does someone make Aquarius fall in love?

An Aquarius isn't into material goods. They like it, but it won't win you their hearts. They have to feel comfortable around you. And know that you will always be there to support them. You have to take them out to a place where they can take a break from everything and relax with no distractions. If you can accept their eccentric selfies, they'll fall for you hard.

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