What Makes Cancer Happy?

What does it take to make this water sign happy?

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Cancers are born between June 21 and July 22 and they are ruled by the Moon.

Making Cancers happy can be quite simple if you know their soft spots.

What makes Cancer happy?

The water sign can be quite emotional and they are in touch with their feelings.

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They are sympathetic and attached to those they consider close. How does that play into their happiness?

Here's what makes Cancer zodiac signs happy, per astrology:

1. Be vulnerable.

Wear your heart on your sleeve around Cancer men.

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer man, they love it when you express your affection regularly.

Being openly affectionate with Cancer men allows them to feel loved and secure.

When a Cancer man expresses his admiration and love for you, don’t forget to reciprocate that energy.

Make sure to appreciate the love that he gives and make sure that he doesn’t feel like he’s being taken for granted.


It doesn’t hurt to express your love for him now and again.

2. Love people.

Embrace their side of the family

Once you are in a relationship with a Cancer, don’t completely forget about your in-laws.

Cancer will do everything in their power to get along with your family and they would love it if you did the same with their family.

Cancers are very family-oriented and they care very much about the familial bonds.

Once the relationship becomes serious, they view the two families merged as one.

Don’t be surprised if they want to invite you to the next family get together as they want you to feel like part of their family.

3. Admire their will power.

Respect a Cancer woman’s independence.


A Cancer woman must have her independence.

She’s passionate about the things she does and needs her time at the end of the day to unwind.

When it comes to relationships, avoid being too dominant.

If she asks for advice or any type of help, don’t order her around.

A Cancer woman is more likely to listen to your advice if it comes as a suggestion.

4. Enjoy the simple stuff.

They would love to chill at home.

Cancers love to spend their time at home. Like I mentioned earlier, Cancer women love to unwind at the end of their day.

You can easily make Cancer happy by entertaining them at home.

It can be as simple as watching a Netflix movie or an in-home game night.


Cancers, just like their Crab symbol, enjoy their homes.

They are quite the homebodies and the phrase, “home is where the heart is,” quite seriously.

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5. Be empathetic.

Understand their fears and insecurities.

As emotional as they can be, they can be quite insecure and worrisome.

It would be a good thing to understand why they are insecure and why they are worried about something.

Some of their fears may seem childish or unreasonable but don’t tell them that to their face.

Make sure to help overcome these insecurities and fears rather than patronizing them.

Don’t make light of these worries as they are a big deal to a Cancer.


Even the simple things of life can loom over their head for a good length of time.

They would appreciate it if you built trust and didn’t add on to the bad feelings they already have.

6. Celebrate food.

Cancer men love spending their time in the kitchen.


Many Cancer men become career chefs and most know their way around the kitchen and it truly makes them happy.

It’d make them even happier if they found someone who shares that same passion.

He doesn’t expect his significant other to be the “stay at home” type of person, but he appreciates it when they can cook a good homemade meal.

The best way to make a Cancer man happy is through his stomach.

7. Be consistent.

Make sure that you do what you say and say what you do. If you are committed to them, make sure to say it and act on it.

If you don’t want to settle down with a Cancer, make that known, too.

Cancers appreciate honesty and they rather know your true intentions.


If you are all over them one day and then completely distant the next, don’t be surprised when a Cancer finds you to be in too much trouble.

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