Why Cancer Is So Manipulative

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Why Cancer Is So Manipulative

Some people say that Cancer zodiac signs are so emotional that it feels manipulative. But, when I think of the sign Cancer, I think of people who are sympathetic, loyal, and caring and intuitive.

Cancer zodiac signs love their families and build a strong home foundation.

They are also attached to people that they hold near to their hearts and have the ability to absorb the feelings of the ones they love.

While these warm-hearted people are associated with many positive characteristics, there is one negative characteristic that sometimes overshadows the good: they can love someone so much that it comes across as extremely manipulative.

Why is Cancer so manipulative?

Cancer is a protective being who will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe from the world.

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They understand what it's like to be hurt by others. And, they can come across as the kings and queens of self-victimization and sometimes their loving nature quickly turns into mood swings and attitudes.

They are not fans of meeting new people and they prefer to keep their private lives to themselves. Sharing too much personal information with others just isn’t their thing.

Despite their bad attitudes, Cancers are quick to avoid conflict.

When they do choose to engage in conflict, the people that they are going against tend to be much more powerful than they imagined.

Because of their sensitivity, Cancers can’t handle this and end up going back to their regular, drama-free lives.

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Along with Scorpios and Pisces, Cancers are water signs. Water signs are charming and mysterious, making it easy for them to catch the eyes of others and leave them wanting to know more.

They are described as psychic sponges, meaning that they can easily pick up on the thoughts and emotions of other people.

This ability allows them to be helpful and understand what is wrong with their loved ones before they even know what is really wrong with them.

Although this may be useful for those around them, feeling so many emotions at once that do not belong to them can be detrimental to them.

Water signs also have addictive personalities. Once they love something or find pleasure in it, it is hard for them to let it go.

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This characteristic can explain the reasons why water signs have a tendency to come off as clingy or over-attached to the people that they love the most.

Their extreme emotional sensitivity also causes them to be cautious people.

They are always watching who they allow into their lives and making sure that these people will not hurt them.

Water signs as a whole are known to be manipulative, so it is no surprise that Cancers are known for this.

Cancer’s mood swings can come from the fact that the sign is ruled by the moon.

The moon is responsible for human emotion and influences the way that we feel.

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This impacts Cancers more than any other sign because of its direct link and connection to the moon.

Cancer’s moods change rapidly, but they are always able to identify and understand these feelings.

Cancers also have maternal energy because they are ruled by the moon. The moon is seen as a mother figure and, like Cancers, takes on the role of caregiver and protector.

They are also cardinal signs. Signs that are ruled by the moon and are cardinal signs on top of that have increased mood swings.

They are emotionally demanding and need others around them to understand the amount of emotional protection that they require. This is where they begin to come off as manipulative.

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Cancers can’t control their emotions. As hard as they may try to stay relaxed, they do not have it in them.

When they begin to feel emotions strongly, it is an expectation that the people around them will adapt.

When their loved ones refuse to do things the way that Cancers want them to be done, they seemingly turn into different people.

People say that they turn into “crazy, wacko, psychopaths.” They have even earned the nickname “crybaby Cancers.”

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When Cancers start to sense that someone may not have the best intentions or may not be good for them, instead of listening to their psychic abilities that they are aware that they have, they begin to do what they do best– play the victim.

Instead of leaving or confronting the person that is doing them wrong, they sulk and whine. This comes from them wanting to avoid conflict, but it puts everyone on an emotional rollercoaster.

Because of their inability to handle confrontation, their refusal to do anything anyone’s way but their own and because they drag everyone into a whirlwind of confusion, dealing with a Cancer can be like dealing with a child.

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They do not intentionally manipulate people, but they do not know how to even begin to do anything a different way than what they believe makes sense. Cancers have to be around people who can understand them and their emotions.

Some of the best people for them to be around are their fellow water signs, Scorpios and Pisces.

Water signs are all emotional and understand themselves on a deeper level in the same ways.

This allows them to be on the same page for a lot of their issues.

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Scorpios and Pisces would also view Cancers from a different perspective than all of the other signs because they will see a lot of themselves in them.

Cancers are loving people who will wrap the world up, put a bow on top and give it to the people that they care for.

Although their emotions can draw people in, they can also push people away and cause Cancers to miss out on a lot of incredible opportunities.

Their manipulative behavior is not intentional, but they must learn how to control their emotions so more people will enjoy being around them.

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