If Your Friend Does These 5 Things, She's A MAJOR C*ckblock

Photo: unsplash // ian schneider
5 Signs Your Friendship Is A Relationship C*ckblock

She's killing your game.

By Sujeiry Gonzalez

So you’re at the local bar with your closest amiga when you notice the hot bartender can’t keep his eyes off of you. “I’m going to try to get his attention,” you say. She nods and you both plot your strategy.

Soon, you exchange numbers with the cute bartender, but your once-supportive girl is now giving you the stink eye. “I don’t know about him,” she judges, “he was checking out this other customer.”

Is your gal pal being protective or is she actually killing your game? Here are some signs that she’s cockblocking you and possible reasons why: ​

1. Negative talk:


A Negative Nelly is a not only a downer, but she can also ruin your chances at love — or at least a good lay. Whatever news you share about a new relationship she finds something to criticize. In other words, she is always waiting for the other chancleta to drop. If it does, she smacks you over the head with it with plenty of “I told you sos’” and “I was rights!” Typical cockblocker behavior.

2. No guy is good enough:


He can drive a Porsche, live in a penthouse apartment in the Upper East Side and want children and wedded bliss, yet he’s still not good enough for you. He could be Prince Charming himself and your cockblocking BFF will whine about how he is too romantic and too charming. “Something is fishy, no guy is this nice!” she warns.

Um, yes, men can and do treat women with respect, love and kindness. If your amiga thinks otherwise, it’s time to re-evaluate your friendship.

3. Jumps on your men:


Does your friend always like the same guys that you do? Do you find her flirting with your crush even after you’ve told her you’re into him? Well, hide your men and guard your heart, chica, because she’s not only a total cockblocker, but your friend is also on a mission to steal your shine.

Women like this give women everywhere a bad name, so stay far, faraway lest you find yourself in a street fight with your man-stealing BFF.

4. Literally cockblocks you:


At college parties, I’d often stop men dead in their tracks when they’d approach my friend. She was always wasted and these guys just wanted to take advantage of her. One almost lured her to his dorm room! Julie couldn’t even stand, so I was not having it. I had to keep my BFF safe.

That’s the difference between a good friend and a cockblocker. A friend who literally stops a guy from talking to you when you’re in the right state of mind, or you’re actually interested in him, isn’t looking out for you; she’s just interfering in your game.

5. Judges you:


Many of us are guilty of wagging our fingers and shaking our heads in judgment. However, there are some friends who just won’t stop judging your choices — that includes the men you date, how many men you’ve slept with and how often you date. This is not a friend. A real amiga will respect and embrace you, especially when you’ve made mistakes. She shouldn’t make you feel worse.

If your BFF can’t wait to rub the error of your ways in your face, she’s a friend with a mission to cockblock.

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.