Maybe What We Really Need Is Someone To Escape The World With

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Maybe What Really Need Is Someone To Escape The World With
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Maybe we could fall in love and forget all of our worries and our doubts in another place.

It feels as if we are always looking for an escape. At the end of a tough day, we look towards our own personal haven — whether it's working out, binging on horrible TV, engulfing ourselves in a good book, or falling asleep early (because who doesn't need that).

At the end of a hard year, we look toward how we can escape the routines, the monotony, and the path we're on. We look at how we can change it, make new goals and update old ones. We look at the bigger picture and try to discover a way to change the way the picture looks, to escape in a different masterpiece.

We all find escapes differently. Sometimes it's leaving everything we know behind and traveling the world without worrying about a WiFi connection. Sometimes it's returning home to gain back some semblance of normalcy. And sometimes it's diving deep into your personal ventures and forgetting about everything around you until they're complete.

Even inside of our escapes, sometimes it's as if we can't concentrate. When you're traveling with an itinerary you're always thinking of the next destination. When you're in yoga you're fighting to let go of the eternal voices reminding you what you need to do when you are done. And when was the last time you watched sh*tty TV without also scrolling through your Instagram feed?


We're all looking for an escape and we can't even embrace the ones we find. We're lost in a world that's always moving and it's something we are always trying to fight. We need to escape our jobs, our expectations, our family, our friends, our resumes, and the goals that are still not checked off of the lists we've made.

We all look for an escape, but I want to find someone that would be that for me to find someone I'd never want to run from. I want to find someone that is the home I look for, the adventure I crave, the relief that I need, and the joy that's missing in the monotony. I want to find a haven in somebody.

Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a smile that fixes everything in the world? Or to feel a touch that heals every invisible scar your body has been carrying? I'm craving this type of escape that exists in the heart of another human being, whose soul was designed to intertwine with my own.


I want to find somebody that I would never want to leave, someone who doesn't make me need that sh*tty TV because looking into their eyes would be the only escape I need. I want to find somebody that removes all of my fears and ignites all of my dreams, someone that makes me want to chase passions instead of questioning them.

Maybe we could escape the world together. Maybe we could fall in love and forget all of our worries and our doubts in another place. Could we, maybe, find the escape we both need within the space between our bodies? Between the space that we'd never willingly leave? How nice would it be to find somebody that makes you need nothing else?

Life is hard, and sometimes we need to turn it all off, ignore all of the noise, and block out the fears thumping on our hearts. But it would be easier with you. It would all make just a little more sense with you. Maybe if I found you, there would be less in this world that I would want to run from. Maybe you're exactly what I've always been running towards.

At the end of a tough hour, we look for a song to cool our minds; at the end of the day we look for a break from reality; at the end of a year we look for a turning point to end a cycle. So we ignore texts and phone calls. We ignore responsibilities. We ignore checklists and notes we've made. We ignore life for the escape that we crave.

But I want to find someone who I'd never want to escape because they would be enough of a disruption from reality. They would be everything I'd need in the wake of anxiety.


The liberation I wouldn't want to leave, the release my body would need, and the light at every single dark tunnel that's what I hope they would be to me.

And maybe, in the end, this is something I've imagined based on storylines from all that sh*tty TV. What are we really escaping except our own versions of reality?