10 Legit Reasons Tell-It-Like-It-Is Women Make The BEST Wives

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Reasons Intimidating Women Make The Best Wives

If you intimidate most men, that's a good sign.

Most guys, for reasons beyond our understanding, don't want to date a woman who tells it like it is. That's their loss seriously. "Tell it like it is" women make the best wives, and the fact is that the men who end up marrying them tend to end up very thankful that they made that decision.

Here's why every guy should try to marry a girl who tells it like it is.

1. You never have to worry about your wife making a fool out of you.


Blunt women are women who have their own career, can handle themselves in social situations with tact, and also can look damned good doing it. The fact is that most girls who aren't in this league tend to make a fool of themselves and their men at one point or another. The best way to avoid embarrassment is to marry one.

2. They won't put up with bad behavior.

"Tell it like it is" women are not doormats, nor will they ever allow themselves to be. By marrying a woman who tells you what's on her mind, you're making sure that you're marrying a girl who commands your respect and that's awesome.

3. They can handle what life throws at them.


A typical girl will have moments where she falls apart at the seams when life turns sour. She will make things harder for everyone involved. Really blunt women, on the other hand, will handle everything life can toss at them with finesse.

4. You never have to worry about your parents hating her.

Parents love seeing their son date someone who has their sh*t together. If you want smooth sailing with your parents, date a girl they approve of.

5. They will keep you on your toes.


Men have to work much harder to keep a woman who tells it like it is. If you want someone who will really be a major driving force to better yourself, marry a woman like this.

6. They are more stable, financially speaking.

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Date a girl who has a successful career and doesn't rely on you for money. She also will know how to balance a checkbook well, get better discounts while shopping, and also help you make good decisions on a financial level.

7. They are also more stable, mentally speaking.


"Tell it like it is" women won't waste time with guys who make them feel insecure, crazy, or stupid. They don't flare up with anger when they need to talk about something difficult. Instead, they calmly talk things out and make a proactive plan. Doesn't that sound so much better than dealing with someone who runs hot and cold all the time?

8. Your overall standard of life will improve.

Blunt women will not accept anything less than what they deserve, and that means that they'll help you maintain a better standard of living.

9. They offer great advice.


Once again, they never stop trying to help you be a better man, and that includes giving you good advice about it. They will constantly have your back when you need them, and they will always be armed to the teeth with common sense and a razor sharp wit.

10. Your friends will wonder how you got to date her.

Bragging rights, anyone?