5 Reasons Pokemon Go Is A WAY Better Dating App Than Tinder

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5 Reasons Pokemon Go Is A Better Dating App Than TInder

It's time to catch a date!

When Pokemon Go was dropped in app stores without warning last week, it was like the new coming of the Messiah. Everybody wanted in, and the non-believers mocked from the sidelines.

As an avid Pokemon fan since childhood, I excitedly downloaded the app and immediately got going with designing my character and picking my starter. It took a few days for me to actually go out and start catching (because Nintendo servers were crashing so much and I’m also really lazy). But while going through Facebook and Tumblr, reading all about everyone else’s adventures, I realized something: this is a great way to meet new people!

And not only that, Gizmodo reported that Pokemon Go is already bigger than Tinder in terms of how many have installed it in the last week alone compared to Tinder in the last 5 years. 

And as a single, 24-year old woman whose dating life is pretty much zero at this point, I figured Pokemon Go might be my chance (and motivation) to finally go out and catch something… namely, a date. It may not be a dating app, but in the last week alone, it's brought together different types of people from all over (and before you ask, yes, I have tried Tinder and I had it for exactly 24 hours before deleting it).

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. There is a larger dating pool

Sure, a good number of players might be young kids, but this is Pokemon we're talking about! Every child of the 90's (the cool kids, anyway) have played the game, or at least watched the show. And you'll meet them in Poke stops, Gyms, or you both tried to catch the same Gastly at the cemetery. So, most likely, you'll meet someone already in your age group, lives in the same area as you, and you already have a common interest.

Speaking of common interests...

2. You already have something to talk about

You have an ice breaker question other than "So, what do you do for fun?" And there are so many ways to start a conversation with a potential date, because you already have something you both know you can talk about. Hey, you can even try a cheesy pick-up line:

"Hey, which starter did you get?"

"Squirtle. You?"

"Charmander. I guess that means you're my weakness."

Funny and clever, right? (Kudos to our YT staff Julian for telling me that one!)

3. You see them face-to-face

Unlike Tinder, you meet your potential date in person, rather than have to get a feel for them via chat. Striking up a conversation with another player with Pokemon as a subject matter paves the way for other subject matters, like their hobbies, what they do in their free time, etc. And if you're lucky, you might exchange numbers to meet up later and catch more Pokemon together!

4. You've already shown your inner geek

In my dating experience in the past, I tend to hide my inner geek (specifically, my love for Japanese anime shows and Korean boy bands) on the first date and even the second date (if I was lucky enough to get one, anyway). But, with Pokemon Go as the one thing you share an interest in, you already know that this potential date has an inner geek inside him.

Sure, it might not be as active as yours is, but it's there, waiting to come out. This is just the beginning of it. 

5. It gives you something to do on that first date

You already have a first date plan! Dinner, a movie, and a romantic evening walk... while catching Pokemon together! Nothing sweeter than helping each other build their dream Pokemon team. Perhaps, you both find a Butterfree and he lets you have it instead of taking it for himself. Anyone who gives up a Pokemon for you is someone you'll consider having a second date with.

Sure, maybe later on, you realize that things might not work out. The only thing you have in common is Pokemon. You're as different as a Charizard and a Gyarados. He picked Team Valor while you're a loyal Team Mystic.

But, at least when you part, will most likely part as friends and allies, who occasionally tip each other off on where to find an Eevee. You always have the memory of chasing after a Pikachu. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to hunt for a Pidgey, and hopefully run into love, while I'm at it.