5 Ways Strong Women Avoid Dead-End, Soul-Sucking Relationships

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Don't be fooled.

We've all had a guy (or a few) who we really thought was the one. 

Maybe it was the way you met or that in the right light he kinda looked like Chris Pine, but some small detail about the relationship ignited this idea that you were soulmates. And you believed it — until that illusion was shattered by cold, harsh reality. 

Then you were left alone, asking yourself how the eff you didn't see it. How the hell you were so blind to believe in something that was clearly bullshit? 

And more importantly, how could you ever trust your judgment again

Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm 99% sure that everyone has been there. We've all been duped by boys. 

In fact, being played for a food by a man is probably just a natural part of womanhood. 


Getting caught up in a bad relationship is an acceptable mistake to make once or twice. But if it becomes a pattern, that means there is something you're not getting. 

These relationships are lessons, and if you don't learn anything, then you have to keep going back to class. That's just how it works. 

Smart, confident women understand this, and know how to see a relationship for what it is. They notice the red flags and they take notes.

They learn from their mistakes. They move on. 

Here are 5 things that these women do to keep from wasting time in a dead-end relationship, and get the, closer to what they really want: 

1. They know their priorities, and they don't compromise on them. 


Strong woman have figured out the things that are really important to them in a relationship, and they don't settle for anything else. Now, these aren't ridiculous or superficial things (kindly take "must be 6 foot 3" off your list), but real values that are necessary for you to live a meaningful life together. 

Example: family values. If having a big huge family with a whole mess of kids is high on your list, than don't waste time on a guy who just had a vasectomy. Just sayin'. 

2. They don't give too much away. 


Strong women don't waste their time with men who aren't serious about them. And sorry, but the only way to really figure that out is to not sleep with them. 

He shouldn't get the ultimate treat just for existing and paying attention to you. Make him work for it. 

3. They don't stop dating other men. 


Strong women keep their options open until someone proves they're worth all their attention. This is an essential part of keeping your female sanity because the more men you have to distract you, the less likely you are to get hooked on one guy's attention. 

Do everything you can to remind yourself that he's not the only guy in the world. 

4. They don't just date one-on-one. 


This is especially important if you're someone who can get along with pretty much anyone. It's way too easy to get comfortable with a guy when all you do is hangout alone. 

Before you commit, you need to see all sides of a person to know if you're really compatible. 

5. They don't take anything too seriously. 



Strong women are strong because they don't rely on their happiness from others. They enjoy the dating process because they don't take anyone seriously — until someone shows them that they should.