Forget Doves! SMOKE BOMBS Are The Hot New Wedding Trend

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Forget Doves And Sparklers! Smoke Bombs Are A Wedding Hit
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Adds a pop of color, that's for sure.

Every few years or so, married-to-be couples come up with unique ideas to make their wedding celebration stand out from all the normal, traditional ones we're used to seeing. There was the one wedding video from 2009 where the bride, groom, and their wedding party danced down the aisle, which now has more than 95 million views.

Now, everybody seems to want to dance down the aisle. And almost everyone wants a Harry Potter-themed wedding. According to Bridal Guide Magazine, some of the biggest wedding trends last year included vintage lace (due to the influence of Princess Kate and the BBC's Downtown Abbey), classic wedding themes, as well as selfies. 

But not everyone can pull it off, so sometimes the couple will stick to simple additions like doves or sparklers, like the craze that happened last year. 

But this year, according to Elite Daily, the new wedding must-have is smoke bombs.

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Loud and colorful, they say that "adding some smoke to your ceremony creates a dreamy backdrop that looks like a surreal scene in the middle of an enchanted forest." 

But although they are fun additions to any weddings, they can still get quite hot. So you must still follow a set of safety rules when using the smoke bombs.

For example, wait until they've cooled down before disposing of them, avoid setting them off in dry fields because they can easily catch fire, and use them near a body of water if you can. Also, not all smoke bombs are of the same quality, so it's best to look at many options first and see what is best to avoid any incidents.

Photo: Instagram

Smoke bombs help set the mood and create the most beautiful and unique wedding photos for any bride and groom. It will most definitely be a wedding to remember — not just for the couple, but also for the wedding guests. The experience will make a lasting impression as a "bomb of a time."

Photo: Instagram