LOL: 18 Tweets That Only Make A TON Of Sense To Married People

Photo: Twitter

Hahaha. #nailedit

You may have imagined what your married life would be like when you were single, only to find that it wasn't exactly the way you pictured it. When you're married, you're committed to being there for your partner during the good, bad, weird, and hilarious times. 

It's been said that married people speak a language that only they understand. So here are 18 tweets and funny quotes that make a ton of sense to married people, but may leave single people a bit confused and perplexed.

1. It can help you turn absolute terror into a great workout.

2. Traditional gender roles don't exist.

3. You know the importance of keeping your musical tastes separate.  

4. There's a lot of impulse control.

5. What you consider sexy time changes after you get married.

6. Before marriage, taking out the trash is an annoying chore; afterwards, it binds you together.   

7. Sometimes, only married people understand what it is they're talking about.   

8. You HAVE to keep track of your stuff. 

9.  Sweet talk can definitely change.

10. Following your dreams means work harder, not going back to bed.   

11. The married person's mantra is, "Love me, love my cold feet."  

12. Short-term memory is one of the first things to go.  

13. Not everybody handles sickness well. 

14. Married people definitely have their own way of communicating.

15. Kids change literally everything.   

16. You need your partner in ways you might not even recognize.

17. Your spouse knows you love them  you don't need to tell them every single day.  

18. Married people have their own rituals.