FINALLY A Dating App For HIGH QUALITY Women To Meet Their Match

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The League dating app

Brilliance meets BRILLIANCE!

Research conducted on speed daters — those prehistoric ancestors of all of us now using online dating sites and apps like Tinderfound that "men do not value women's intelligence or ambition when it exceeds their own."

This past Fall, a study proved that while men like the idea of dating an accomplished, intelligent woman, when it comes time to actually meet one, they freeze in their tracks.

Beyonce has now proven to that even a man with unlimited access to the "most bomb pussy" will still take side chicks in order to prove that her power does not diminish his masculinity, even if only to himself, and even if doing so makes him actually appear smaller than ever to everyone else.

A new dating app is jumping into the eternal matchmaking game to address this eternally frustrating issue.

The League, an invite-only app previously available only in San Francisco and New York, just opened it's red velvet rope to 3,000 (of the 25,000 wait-listed!) of most desirable singles in Los Angeles.

According to Amanda Bradford, The League's founder and CEO, the app's ultra modern mission is "building a community of women and men that desire to be in relationships of equals; where men are not threatened by career-focused partners, and the women are looking for a partner, not a provider."

The League uses Facebook and LinkedIn as its "primary data platforms," and promises 6 key differentiators from other dating sites and apps: No voyeurs, no games, no noise, no fakes, no shame and no randoms.

Timed and billed to sync with another ultra-elite event, the NFL Draft, the app has already come under a decent amount of fire for being "elitist." 

I understand the frustration. No one wants to be the one left uninvited to the good party.

I think we can all agree it would be ideal if we could all just get along and the doors to everything could be open to everyone everywhere and life were always rainbows and sunshine and Dave Matthews asked me to marry him — although that last part may just be me, but who knows.

I do believe these 3 things to be true:

  1. No single dating app will ever make everyone happy.
  2. After I recently ranted about deceitful behavior on Tinder, I was told — on my personal Facebook page in a not-at-all friendly manner — "If Tinder is full of the kind of people you don't want, then find a site that's full of the kind of people you do want." Last I checked, no other site fit that bill. So to the "friend" who suggested I find myself an app like The League, don't hate on me if I do.
  3. Back to the findings on men's preference for women who achieve no higher than their own level and Queen Bey's own marital discord, I have experienced this frustrating lose-lose dating game for a few decades now. As much as most men say that they want an intelligent, high-achieving woman, and as much as I believe they do want to want one, when faced with the real deal, men run away with their stuff between their legs time and time again. If this app gets women who have busted their asses to get where they are even a tiny bit closer to men who will truly appreciate them for it, I say game on. 

Bradford went on to say “The League was created to meet the demand of single, hard-working professionals who desire to be in a relationship with others that share their ambition and drive."

Sounds pretty damn good to me. 

In addition to Los Angeles, The League is slated to launch in other major U.S. cities in 2016.