Why Are Taurus So Funny?


Why Are Taurus So Funny? Getty Images

To know a Taurus is to know how funny they are. In fact, you may have a favorite celebrity that's both funny and a Taurus.

For example, what does Jerry Seinfield, George Lopez, and James Murray have in common? They are all Taurus zodiac signs.

Why are Taurus so funny?

While Taurus people are known for their stubbornness and their ambition, their humor is top-notch and cannot be matched.

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They are very observational and comment on what’s in their environment. Taurus’ says what everyone is thinking. They are braver than others and can pull off a joke better than other zodiac signs.

It can be that they are ruled by Venus, so love and beauty are their main aim. What is more beautiful than a smile? This is the motivator to a Taurus's humor and why they can be so funny.

Laughing at themselves is never degrading, in fact, Taurus often uses their experiences as a root of a good joke.

Humility is sweet and so is sharing the funnier slice of life. As a Taurus sees it as an opportunity to make a joke about their errors, others can laugh along. They are relatable when funny and human without pushing a joke or faking it to save face.


Here is why Taurus is so funny, according to astrology:

Taurus doesn't force anything, they just let a joke come out when the timing is right. There's nothing like a bit of good humor that's on point and catches everyone off guard, which Taurus is great at doing.

What makes Taurus zodiac signs humor so unique is that they don’t try and joke about something that you don’t know much about just to get a laugh.

They keep it natural and light, then everyone around you can feel at ease.

Taurus learns to be easy on themselves. They understand that you have to laugh at yourself once in a while and not everything has to be done perfectly.

What makes Taurus so funny is that they understand you don’t have to prove you are always perfect, nobody is and that’s okay.


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Taurus humor is relatable because they don't try too hard. Everyone likes relatable stories; it makes everyone feel like they aren’t alone in their feelings.

Why is Taurus so funny? They don’t overshadow the person in the spotlight. They know that they will get their chance soon.

A Taurus knows who their audience is. They avoid joking about how a person grew up with divorced parents. Taurus is so funny because they won't say something hurtful to get a laugh at someone else's expense.

Being the funny one calls for knowing who you are talking to and getting a good and natural laugh out of them, and Taurus knows that.


Taurus is practical and hardworking, so they are the last person you'd think would crack a joke.

Timing is everything so listening to their outlandish jokes, helps people to calm down and let them relax while having a good time.

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