What Makes A Taurus Mad?

Give it time to cool down.

What Makes A Taurus Mad? GreenFlash/Shutterstock.com

It takes a lot to make a Taurus mad, but once it happens, you start to see patterns that teach you what to avoid.

If you know your Taurus friend or partner well, then you should know that Taurus’ are stubborn.

They don’t like their peace or routine being messed with.

What makes a Taurus mad?

So if you do anything to piss off a Taurus, you’ll know what makes one mad easily.

They will be aggressive and stubborn and will not back down for an argument.


Taurus zodiac signs are the most down to earth people.

They often don’t get too mad sometimes because of that.

But when they do, it’s because you did something to really annoy them and upset them.

Born from April 20 - May 21, Taurus zodiac signs know their boundaries.

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However, when they lose their temper, it can get worse.

A Taurus won’t be afraid to say or do what’s on her mind, no matter how hurtful it might be.

If you deal with the wrath of a Taurus, you can’t put the blame on their anger.

The truth is that you must have done something really mean or upsetting to your Taurus.

Taurus’ anger can sometimes get explosive when they are angry and it can kind of be a bit scary.

No one should be in their way when they are angry because they can be ruthless.

When a Taurus is mad at you they are also going to be snippy toward you and have zero patience for your bullshit.

You can also tell a Taurus is mad at you because you will feel it in their mood because they don’t want to talk to you or act happy because they are upset.


Here's what makes a Taurus mad, per astrology:

1. Tensions have been built

You may not know it because it takes a while to make a Taurus pissed at you but you may have been doing things to piss your Taurus off without knowing it.

Somehow, your behavior of doing or saying something has become a pattern and Taurus finally exploded and can’t take it anymore.

If this happens you need to notice the signs before so it doesn't get to this point and always ask your Taurus how they feel.

If you’re doing something to upset them and you realize it before they explode they will really appreciate that because they don’t like doing that.

2. You haven't given them time or space

If you recently got into a fight with a Taurus and it was intense and frustrations were high, you better give them space or they won’t want to be your friend anymore.


If you keep trying to reach out and apologize or ask to talk about your problems, Taurus won’t stand for that because they need time to process and think.

Taurus care a lot about their friends and loved ones, but if you’re pressuring them and trying to manipulate them, they will never stand for that.

3. You’re forcing them to do something

If a Taurus is mad at you after an argument you're trying to push them to forgive you, you need to take a step in the exact opposite direction.

This will just make Taurus even angrier and want to not even solve things with you.

You’re trying to persuade them when they aren’t ready and because of this.

You might make them say things without thinking, which they hate to do.


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4. You change plans constantly

If you know anything about a Taurus, it’s that they love routine.

They like planning things, especially when it comes to going out and leaving the house.

It’s different if they ask you to come over and hang out and have a GNO.


But when you’re making plans weeks and days in advance and it gets changed all of a sudden or multiple times, a Taurus will be mad at you.

They like knowing what they are doing in advance so they don’t get stressed.

If you are constantly changing things and ruining their plans, they won’t be happy.

5. You aren’t respecting Taurus

Taurus’ are a tactile and sensitive sign.

They don’t like it when they feel like you aren’t respecting them by ignoring them when going out in a group of friends, or looking at other people on a date.

Taurus wants you to be in the moment with them and not be emotionally unengaged with them.

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