12 ESSENTIAL Issues To Discuss With Your Fiancé (To Prevent Divorce)

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The Divorce-Proof Financial Checklist

It seems not a day goes by without hearing about escalating separation rates or yet another heartbreaking marriage breakdown. With so many stories of doom and gloom, it's little wonder that many couples fear the dreaded "D word": Divorce.

A healthy and happy relationship is dependent on building a strong foundation of mutual respect, openness and meaningful engagement. One effective way to set yourselves up for a long-lasting marriage is to talk honestly (and explicitly!) about your finances with your partner.

Although many marriages can deteriorate from intimacy issues, cheating, losing your identity, or poor communication, couples also commonly split due to a lack of compatibility in the financial area. For instance, if one person spends money and the other saves, this can become a problem over time.

Marriage experts unanimously agree that discussions about finances are non-negotiable for couples serious about starting their marriage on solid footing. But despite successive research and advice recommending soon-to-be-married couples to discuss their finances, it continues to be a topic many vehemently avoid.

Yes, discussing finances is never fun, but it's something that can be a determining factor in the success of your marriage. Think about it: you're sharing your life with this person; you can't expect things to go smoothly if your finances are up in the air.

Perhaps you don't even know where to begin? Or maybe you've skimmed over the topic due to its awkwardness. After all, who wants to discuss bank accounts when you're trying to schedule dress fittings? Yes, it's awkward and can be draining on your energy, but it's necessary.

If you're serious about "divorce-proofing" your marriage, there are essential issues you need to discuss with your fiancé such as prenuptial planning, personal assets, and budget management.

Check out this infographic that explains 12 financial issues you need to discuss with your partner, no excuses.

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This infographic was originally published on LegalTemplates.net

This article was originally published at Legal Templates. Reprinted with permission from the author.