Let Her Be Right + 2 More Effortless Ways To Keep Her Happy

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Happy wife, happy life.

By Tyler McCain

Since the beginning of time, men have been faced with huge challenges and mysteries. The smartest, most powerful men have taken turns giving their opinions, offering advice, studies, and personal experiences, but hardly any man has been able to solve  the mystery of this complex creature.

What is the biggest challenge for men to figure out? Women!

There is a divorce every 36 seconds in the U.S. That tells me there are a lot of unhappy people out there. What does it take to be happy? These three simple steps will help put you in a position to have a better love life.

Before we get started you need to understand that everyone is different and these steps might not apply to you, BUT for the majority of us, they will. Now I’m going to bet most men will think this step is wrong, but….

Step 1: Men, just let her be right!

Laugh and shake your head all you want, but unless you’re rich, you’re like the rest of us, the faster you accept the fact that in your woman’s eyes you’re usually wrong, the better your love life will be.

Let’s face it, what woman likes to be told she’s wrong? Hardly any! Women will not let you win, just admit defeat. Being wrong doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wrong, it just means you’d rather not argue!

Men you have to learn how to hold that thought. Even if you know for a fact you’re right, just agree with her, and let her win. Let’s say your wife comes home and is absolutely furious with something that happened at work. Tread cautiously my friends; say the wrong thing and your wife will take all that anger out on you.

I highly suggest you look into her eyes, smile and tell her, “Honey, you’re absolutely right.” Whatever she’s complaining about, just listen and agree. She can’t argue or get mad at that! She might realize later that she was wrong and she might come back and admit she was, or she might not, but hey, it saved you an argument.

Arguing over little things knowing you can’t convince her she’s wrong is literally pointless! You won’t win.

Step 2: Understand what she says versus what she means.

Fellas, it’s so important, to know her opposites meanings.

Look, most of the time woman talk in code, and most of the time this code is beyond confusing. Go means Stay, Stay means Go, Yes means No, and vice versa. Depending on the situation, woman, expect you to know the difference of what their words mean. If she’s crying or upset and she yells at you to go away, I know you would love to leave her alone, BUT go away does not mean go away! Crazy right? Go away literally means sit down next to me and try and make me feel better.

From experience, the words, “What’s wrong?” never help. Apparently men are supposed to know this code while knowing why she’s upset, plus have the solution to make it all better. You’re better off just holding her and agreeing with everything she says!

Good luck trying to figure out when she’s serious or not. You’re out having the time of your life with your friends but you notice it’s getting late so you do what you think is the right thing; send her a text message. “Honey, can I stay out longer?” She replies with,” Sure, go ahead.” Ha-Ha, does she mean, “sure have a blast!” or, “sure, I dare you to, watch out when you get home?” Since you’re a man, you probably assume she’s saying “sure have a blast,” but that’s where opposites come in! If she gives you an easy way out, she’s probably testing to see how dumb you are.

Don’t fall for it fellas! Get ahead of the curve and know your opposites!

Step 3: You have to anticipate her needs.

This step is probably one of the harder things for men to do. I know most men like to wait to do things last minute or do things whenever you feel like getting around to doing them, but girls absolutely LOVE to remind men to do things we already know we have to do! Save yourself the nagging fight and get it done before she asks.

If you know you have to mow the lawn or take the trash out, try doing it before she realizes you’re still on the couch watching the game. You might not think it’s a big deal, but she probably does. Ladies, would you like a man who does things without being told? Exactly my point. People in general, love it when things get done without having to remind someone to do it.

Be proactive. If you know she’s having a bad day, try not being the same old you for a change. I know that might sound a little harsh, but in reality, it’s probably true.

When’s the last time you bought her a card, thanking her for putting up with your lazy butt? When’s the last time you bought her flowers or took her on a date? Basically, I’m telling you to do things you know she would love. Like, cooking her dinner, buying her flowers or helping out around the house. Girls love being reminded of your love. Doing the little things to ensure she feels loved will help keep her happy! I guarantee you’ll see results if you start being proactive!

I know what most men are thinking, how can I still be the man of the relationship if I’m taking a backseat to my woman? How can I still put my foot down so she knows I’m the man?

You can still be the man! Just in other ways, like providing and being responsible. You can put your foot down all you want but if your woman isn’t happy, what’s the point? If she’s not happy, who is doing your laundry, cooking you dinner, or letting you do what you want?

As they say, happy wife, happy life. If your partner is happy, she’ll reward you and be happier doing things for you. You’ll find your own ways that work for you, but if you want to ensure a healthy happy relationship, I suggest you get onboard with these three steps! Good luck Fellas.

This article was originally published at The Good Men Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.