Republicans Are 50% More Likely To Have THIS Kind Of Sex, Says Study

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Dating Habits of Democrats And Republicans

Plus other weird dating habits of each political party.

Part of the dating process is finding someone you share common beliefs with. Yes, opposites can attract, but it can be a chaotic relationship. Let's be real: it's difficult to date someone with opposing beliefs. You have to have at least something in common.

In the realm of politics, it can be tricky for a liberal Democrat to date a conservative Republican. Some opposing beliefs can be overlooked and compromised in the name of love, but try telling that to a couple where one is pro-birth control and the other is for natural family planning. The results can be chaotic and straining. 

Since it's an election year, dating app Clover surveyed their users about their political views. They analyzed the interests and political affiliation of 700,000 users aged 18 to 65. What they found is interesting but not surprising, considering the political beliefs of both.

1. Marijuana use vs. guns

Democrats are twice as likely to smoke weed, whereas Republicans lean more toward shooting a gun. 

2. Fashion and music

Democrats are 23 percent more likely to wear a snapback and listen to hip-hop. Meanwhile, Republicans are 55 percent more likely to wear a cowboy hat and listen to country music.

3. Leisure

You're 17 percent more likely to meet a Democrat at a coffee shop than Republicans, who are 200 percent more likely to be found in church.

4. Sex

Since Democrats are 30 percent more likely to have casual sex, they're more likely to use protection. Meanwhile, Republicans are 50 percent more likely to have outdoor sex.

Check out the infographic below:

Infograph: Clover