6 Things You MUST Know About Amy Schumer's Sexy New Boyfriend

Photo: Instagram.com/benhanisch
Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch

His name's Ben and he's super-hot!

The funny comedian posted a picture yesterday with her man at the White House, going public with her new relationship. So, who exactly is this guy who won our beloved Amy's heart? His name is Ben Hanisch and here are five things you need to know about him now that he's officially Amy Schumer's man.

1. He's from Chicago.

​If you're in Chicago and you think you see Amy Schumer, then you might be right. Her new man lives there, so chances are she will be in the city from time to time.

2. He's a furniture designer.

Amy stepped outside of the crazy entertainment industry for love. Ben works as a custom furniture designer and owns his own company called The Last Workshop. Amy is probably going to get a serious upgrade to her house thanks to him.

3. He's really into photography.

This guy isn't just good with his hands, but he has a good eye, too. His Instagram is full of landscape pictures and he posted a picture of himself with his Canon.


team Canon

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4. He was a consultant for HGTV.

OK, so he's not a complete stranger to the entertainment industry. He was putting his skills to use a consultant for HGTV before he had his company.

5. He's a jack of all trades.

According to an interview with Five O'Clock, Ben has dipped his toes in everything. He first tried being a professional snowboarder in Salt Lake City, he plays hockey, and takes acting classes.

6. He accompanied her to the White House.

Amy was there to attend President Obama's speech on gun violence and brought her man along. He also met her family and siblings, who were also there.  


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