Let Your Horoscope (And Theme Song!) Be Your Guide This Weekend

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Free daily horoscope for the weekend of December 11-13.

The weekend is here — time to party! Get loose with the song dedicated to your and your zodiac sign with your free horoscope for December 11-13.

Sagittarius: If you’ve been thinking about taking on a new project, today’s energy is perfect for starting something new (or starting with someone new). Whatever gets going now has some legit promise for 2016. The whole weekend has great opportunities for love. From lavishing your favorites with gifts and making sure your day to day actions show how much you care, your love is as tangible as ever. Also, feel free to act on that tension those sexts have built up over the week...

Sagittarius' weekend theme song: Material Girl —Madonna

Capricorn: Keep your eyes and ears open for a new fab job opportunity. It’s around the corner, you can feel it. All your hard work is really paying off. Love is in the air this weekend, too. Take some of that amazing work ethic and work it in the bedroom. Romance is good for the soul. Come Monday, you’ll be raring to go.

Capricorn's weekend theme song: Hang On To Your Love —Sade

Aquarius: Support is the key word this weekend. People have your back at work and at home. Your family is on call to give you anything you might need. Love is a huge part of your life right now — and not just romantic love, but all the support from the family and friends you have around you. Um, can you share?

Aquarius' weekend theme song: Juicy —The Notorious B.I.G.

Pisces: You’re itching to get away. But unless it’s for work, it miiiiight not happen. Consider hitting the mall and making a day trip out of your holiday shopping instead. If you have a specific destination in mind, try opting for a staycation and ordering some cultural food in. Whatever you’re dreaming of, there’s a creative way to make it happen.

Pisces' weekend theme song: Big Jet Plane —Angus & Julia Stone

Aries: Work has you on edge this weekend. There might be a few projects you didn’t get to finish during the week. Sounds like a bummer, but make it fun. Have a picnic with your laptop in the park if weather permits, or blast some holiday music to keep you in the spirit. But don’t forget to make some time for friends.

Aries' weekend theme song: FourFive Seconds —Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney

Taurus: Things have been going your way as of late, and that’s not about to change this weekend. But you def need to make some time to do some housework. So lame, we know, but if you keep sweeping everything under the rug, we’re looking at a reeeaaallllly large filthy rug. Come on, you know part of you loves when everything is in order. Do it now before things get even more hectic.

Taurus' weekend theme song: Time To Pretend —MGMT   

Gemini: Friday is no doubt your favorite day of the week. But before you run out the door and become the life of the party, make sure you get some work done. The more you get done today, the less you have to come back to on Monday. Reserve Saturday and Sunday for holiday events and romantic nights. Singles, plan to make your move on Sunday — get ready to meet your perfect match.

Gemini's weekend theme song: Hello, I Love You —The Doors

Cancer: It’s Friday — huzzah! You’ve been working hard and you’re ready to see some material results. It may be just someone taking you to lunch to show their appreciation. We know, you were hoping for a nice payday but hey, free food ain’t so bad! This may not be your most social weekend, but you need a little down time and rest anyway. The holidays are coming up — plenty of time for celebration later.

Cancer's weekend theme song: Everyday Is Like Sunday —Morrissey

Leo: It’s Friday and you’ve already got your dates lined up. Do yourself a favor and set some time aside to get a little extra work done. Can’t waste all that fiery energy in one place.

Leo's weekend theme song: Alive —Empire Of The Sun

Virgo: Things are heating up for you this weekend. You get the feeling a lot of people don’t know the real you. Cool and shy? Not you! You’re just waiting for the right one to come along and open you up — and it looks like it’ll happen sooner than you thought!

Virgo's weekend theme song: Fairytale —Milky Chance

Libra: You’re down to work into the late hours today. If you want to get your travel and shopping on, you need all the money you can get! Don’t get antsy about the overtime — you’ll more than make up for it this weekend.

Libra's weekend theme song: The Night Is Still Young —Nicki Minaj

Scorpio: Get ready to get money. Your bank account is loving you this weekend. Put in a little extra work today and Saturday so you have all day Sunday to spend with that certain special someone. Whether you opt for a bubble bath, couples massage or just want to Netflix and chill, Sunday is the day.

Scorpio's weekend theme song: Here I Am —Al Green