Pssst, Ladies: Here's The Secret To Getting Men To Listen To You!


Listening is a skill vital to every relationship in your life.

Your intimate relationships are no different. In fact, the complaint from women that "men don't listen" tops almost every chart of women's grievances (evidence: here, here and here).

But with that said, the reality is that "men not listening" isn't just a problem in how guys communicate. All too often it's a reaction to HOW he's approached, what is said to him and WHEN it's said. 

Women play an incredibly pivotal role in good AND bad relationship communication. And that puts you uniquely in the driver's seat to fix the problem.

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "you spot it, you got it". This is one of those tough love cases.

When it comes to fixing the way your man communicates, if you're unhappy, the only person who can change things is YOU. It's a tough rub, but in this case, the feelings that led you to read this post are also telling you that you can do something about the problem. And that is exactly what our Experts share in the video above.

How can you shift the way you approach your man so he'll want to listen?

Well, according to our Experts (Dr. John Gray, Tabitha Bird, Garet Bedrosian and Dr. Foojan Zeine) it's a matter of how you choose your words and when you say them. Timing is everything when trying to get a man to listen to you.

The problem is we often communicate when there's intense need or when we're feeling rushed, upset and out of sync with our best self.

Think about it, your partner comes through the door and your first thought is to ask about his day or share about yours. Often it's this first interaction after time apart that sets up a fight.

The panel leads you through the most common traps couples fall into when trying to reconnect through conversation, and how you can get OUT of those traps once and for all.

Watch the video and notice which mistakes you're making with your guy (probably without even realizing it).

Fixing faulty communication isn't always easy but it's absolutely do-able.  

If you're struggling to know what to do, reach out to our Experts, they can help.