10 Subtly AWFUL Ways Your Behavior Changes In A Bad Relationship

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 Behavior Changes in a Bad Relationship

Justify, justify, justify.

If you began a relationship as a 50/50 partnership, you know that these behaviors are no good. Healthy relationships shouldn't bring out the worst in you, so if you find yourself exhibiting these nasty behaviors, it's time to get out!

1. He tells you where he's supposed to be and you do a "drive by." You want to make sure he's where he said he would be, but you don't want him to see you. So, you duck down low in your car as you drive by. You're so low that only your hands can be seen on the steering wheel and you can't see the road  so you hit a lamp post and lie about the accident.

2. You start embellishing his résumé to your friends, family and yourself.

3. You bought your own engagement ring, but you're pretending like he bought it.

4. You make rationalizations for his bad behavior (e.g. drinking, philandering, gambling, abuse and neglect).

5. You allow him to convince you to have sex without a condom and without getting him checked for HIV first. When you go try on shoes at the mall, the sales people make you put on a ped to protect your feet. What's more important? Your feet, or your hoo-ha?

6. You've started planning and rationalizing your extramarital affair.

7. You've started swearing and yelling at him, and you're not a yeller or someone who swears.

8. You make up excuses so you won't have to bring him to a party, or you leave the party early because he's embarrassing you.

9. You borrowed money out of your 401k to bail him out of jail ... more than once. But you kept it a secret, again.

10. He's been getting texts from a woman, and one night you finally lose it and go Elin Woods on his ass with a baseball bat.

When you lie to yourself every day to try to convince yourself that your quasi, pathetic relationship is better than being alone, when you aren't acting like yourself anymore and you can't tell your friends and family the truth about your relationship, something is wrong.

When you're excusing his behavior and your behavior changes so much that you don't even recognize or like yourself anymore, it's time to move on.


Sonja Warfield is a television comedy writer known for her work on the Emmy Award-winning NBC comedy, Will & Grace, and most recently for the BET comedy, The Game. She's also the author of the newly released book, Big Fat Negro, Get Your Lazy Ass Off My Couch, a woman’s guide to getting rid of her deadbeat husband, boyfriend or boo thing of any ethnicity.