5 Ways You And Your Boo Are Living Proof Happy Relationships Exist

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Here's what REALLY makes your relationship the real MVP.

By: Lisette Mejia

What is a great relationship exactly? You're happy (the majority of the time), and you've got the whole honesty and trust things down pat.

But there's also more to a healthy partnership than that.

Here, check out five signs that you're both doing it right. How does it feel to be livin' the dream?

1. You grow together

The right person will challenge you and make you want to be a better person. Whether that means you help each other appreciate the little things in life or your ambition rubs off on each other, you're both learning together in the best way possible.

2. You're completely yourself

You're both totally comfortable around each other (maybe even a little too comfortable, although that's not necessarily a bad thing). You know each other's greatest and worst qualities and are completely accepting of them.

Plus, he or she thinks you look hottest without makeup, while you eat a tub of ice cream, in your grandma pajamas.

3. You're not in a rush

You're not constantly worrying about where the relationship is going.

Sure, those conversations are important (when should you move in together?), but you're secure with your feelings. You know you'll get there, wherever it is, but you're not in a rush to shack up or get married just to prove a point.

4. You argue – like grownups

Remember that phrase, "I just can't do this anymore"? Well, you haven't used it since your high school days and props for that.

This time around, fights don't lead to dramatic breakdowns. You discuss the problem, how you feel, and how to learn from the whole situation.

5. You can live without each other

Remember that infamous Jerry Maguire quote? Well sorry, Tom Cruise, but it's dead wrong.

Your significant other doesn't complete you. Sure, he or she adds incredible happiness to your life and things are better when you're together, but you would also be happy alone. That's because you're totally awesome, partnered up or not.

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.