Awkwardly Watch Couples Go Through Their Internet History Together

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"Why are you taking shirtless pictures at the gym that you're not sending to me?"

Do you trust your significant other enough to allow them to go through your cell phone? Would you give them access to your text messages, phone apps, photo gallery, and internet search history?

Here's an even better question: How would you react to finding out what's in theirs?

Elite Daily asked these millennial couples to swap cell phones and discover the secret world of their partners. "Our cell phones have virtually become digital windows into our souls," said Elite Daily writer, Tyler Gildin.

Although there was some excitement for some at the beginning, and hesitation from others (one guy even claimed to delete a few things before handing his phone over to his girlfriend), the results range from adorable to hilarious.

A few memorable bits:

"She has a lot of guys inviting her to bars and sh*t," one guy says in disbelief.

"New pornographers?!" a girl exclaims.

"I... I can't really say... yeah, it's a real thing," her boyfriend answers in resignation.

"Why are you taking shirtless pictures at the gym that you're not sending to me?" one guy exasperatedly asks his boyfriend.

Suffice to say, some of these couples learned something new about each other, which has probably provided them with future blackmail material. But, most importantly, it (hopefully) brought them closer as a couple.

Check out the video below and ask yourself: What would your partner see in your cell phone?