Want To Make Your Love Story Into A Musical?

your love our musical

Rebecca Vigil and Evan Kaufman have learned that every love story as unique as it is crazy.

Amidst candlelight and clinking ice, couples attempt to make quick first impressions. They’re speed dating, but true to our fifty-shaded times, it’s a BDSM speed date. 

Our couple, gazing into each other’s eyes. She's a humble dressmaker, he's a hypnotist /  magician. Two minutes pass: Sparks fly, phone numbers are swapped... a quarter apparates from behind an ear. Though he's a hypnotist, their shared trance is real. They've found each other. The have found "the one." 

No, this is not a set up for an indie rom-com. This is a real effing love story. A love story that seconds after we heard it, we turned into a real musical. 

Who are we? Hello gentle reader. We’re Evan Kaufman and Rebecca Vigil - the stars of Your Love, Our Musical!a show in which we interview couples and improvise musicals based on their love stories. Over the past year we’ve talked to dozens of couples; gay, straight, young and old. One thing has always been true: Every love story is fascinating.

After every show, people approach us. "This had to be the craziest story? Are they always like this?" Yes. Every time. They're never boring, because love is never boring. 

Not everyone is a BDSM-loving speed-dating hypnotist, of course. More than a few have met in bars. But bars hold romantic mystery. One woman met her partner in a bar in Colorado, but he lived in New York. Another pairing went to the same bar for years, but never noticed each other until one fateful night. You never know when you’re going to belly up and order that next beer, shoulder to shoulder with the love of your life. 

When it comes to love, people see no obstacles. Time and time again our couples have defeated distance. We met in New Zealand on a bus, then again in Texas at a porta potty convention. They have ignored dissenters and naysayers from their lives. I was with someone else when we met. He was sort of like a fat Eminem. In the end, love wins out. What were once hurdles are now dramatic twists in the culmination of your story.

One of our favorite parts of our show is asking couples details about each other. It gets a little match-gamey. "Where was your first kiss? What is your pet peeve with your partner? Who said I love you first?" Each couple carries their love story around with them at all times and we help them unpack it. They lay out memories of struggles, small victories, shared defeat. It’s easy to forget how much we compromise, how much we give and take from the people we love. When it’s all laid out in front of them each couple appreciates how much they’ve both been through. It’s never tedious. It's always amazing.

Couples sit on our stage and tell us how boring their story is. It’s simple! they say, Who would care? The audience soon  proves them wrong. People gasp and sometimes (even at our comedy show) shed tears. Some react with cynicism, where others let out audible "awws." If you think your story is boring the audience reminds you - Real life is much more interesting than fiction. 

Your love story is interesting because you are. You're from somewhere, with your own set of morals, hopes and dreams. You leave dishes in the sink but you also write thoughtful notes to your loved one. You take risks and make mistakes. 

In the end, no love story is like any other. Every couple has a unique yarn to reveal. "How did you two meet?" is a question we never want to stop asking. It's always rewarding. Romantic love usually is. 

So if you're in love, we can’t wait to hear about it. And If you’re still searching, do not give up hope. Love is on a bus in New Zealand. It's drinking at your local bar. It's waiting to hypnotize you over whips, chains, and martinis. Wherever love is hiding, trust us, it will not be boring.

Evan, Rebecca and Your Love, Our Musical! are attempting to raise a little scratch to put the show on at a festival and would love your help. Check out their IndieGoGo here and keep the great love stories coming. 

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