Hike? Grill? Farm? Your State's Cliché Dating Profile Term

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Cliché Dating Profile Term

Do you live in Florida and dig "Disney"? Are you from Jersey and like to "lounge"?

Whether you realize it or not, geography definitely affects your dating life. Of course, your location limits your dating pool but it also limits your activity options, which in turn shapes your interests.

Brilliantly enough, Mashable and Match.com teamed up to created a map of the words used by most people on their dating profiles based on the state they live in. "Essentially, they broke down which words are used with relative frequency in certain states, as compared to relative infrequency in the rest of the country," says Mashable.

Bleh! Turns out many people's online dating profiles are very cliché. Take these, for instance:

Florida = Disney
New York = museum
Nevada = casino
Texas = oil

But the map also showed that the more rural a region, then it’s more likely people were to reference an outdoor activity rather than indoor ones. For example:

Oregon, Idaho and Vermont = kayak
Georgia and Alabama - grilling
Colorado = snowboarding
Louisiana and Wyoming: hunting
Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota = farming

Meanwhile, folks in New Jersey are into "lounge," while Mississippians are just "lookin'."

So, does your dating profile contain the most popular word for your state?