Holy Smokes! THIS Is What It Costs To Have A Wedding Today


*Clutches pearls*

Weddings are a great big scam. If you don't believe me then go to any florist, baker, or venue and get a quote for something that's just for a party then call back and say you want something for a wedding. The prices will go increase significantly and it's all because we consider it to be the one day the bride or groom should have whatever they want, which of course means ignore the price tag, right?

So how much does the average American couple spends on their wedding? According to a new survey done by The Knot, the grand total comes out to $31,000.

WOW. For some people, that's their whole yearly salary! So what's costing this much?

The most expensive aspect of the wedding tends to be spent on the guests through the reception. The price tag on receptions average $31,213. That's probably why the most nerve-wracking part of the wedding planning is tracking down RSVPs. No one wants to pay for people who won't show up. The average number of people who do show for a wedding is about 136.

So who the heck is usually picking up the tab? According to the survey, the big day just wouldn't happen without the parents. The bride's parents tend to cover 43 percent, the groom's parents 12 percent (I guess people are still old-fashioned) and the bride and groom cover 43 percent.

If you're not disgusted enough, let us leave you with this tidbit. New York City weddings have an average cost of $76,328. So basically: get thee out of Manhattan if you want to exchange vows, because HELL NO.