When's The Right Time To Take Your Flirting Offline? [VIDEO]


Forget about those old school rules and just take the plunge!

When it comes to online dating (especially if you're testing it out for the first time), trying to figure out what all of the rules are can be seriously confusing, not to mention frustrating. For starters, there is nothing worse than meeting someone who you really click with, finally making plans to go on a date with someone ...only to get there and run out of things to say. Or even worse, you find out that he isn't as great as he seemed on paper. As if the dating scene weren't hard enough, having to worry about all of those factors seriously makes us second guess our commitment to finding love.

But here's where the problem lies: Just how long should you wait before meeting up?

According to Dating expert Dina Colada, there are certain signs that you can scope out before making the decision to take your flirting game offline. We spend so much time worrying about what he'll think of us, whether he'll still be interested that we end up stalling for way too long.

So screw those conventional rules! If you really like him, what are you waiting for?

Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and just put yourself out there. Dina Colada definitely has a point when she mentions that following what society deems as an acceptable amount of time to wait before meeting up won't do you any favors in the end. In fact, the only thing it'll guarantee you is a night alone!