10 First Date Locations Way Stranger Than Yours

The Shining Twins

Haunted houses, petting zoos and appliance shopping--just about anything goes for these people!

Forget your typical dinner and a movie —these 10 daters had no idea what they were in store for when they agreed to go out on these wacky first dates.

Read on for some of the strange, unique, and hilarious places that these men and women found themselves out at—from electronic stores to petting zoos, and everything in between.

1. Appliance Shopping

"A guy once asked me on a date to PC Richards. As in, I told him what I was doing that day and he said, 'If you'd like to come to PC Richards with me, I need to get a new microwave.' Super romantic." -Alli, 26

2. Nowhere

"When I asked a guy where he wanted to meet for our date, he said 'How about nowhere at 4 pm?' I thought he was being a jerk, but there's actually a gay bar in the East Village called 'Nowhere.' Turns out he just really liked that bar." -Chris, 25

3. A trip to pet a llama

"One Fall, a girl asked me to take her on a date to a petting zoo. I like animals so I agreed, but once we got there she proceeded to talk 'baby talk' to the lambs, pigs, and even the llama." -Kevin, 35

4. A vegetarian "restaurant"

"One time a guy asked if he could take me to dinner. I said yes, and warned him that I was a vegetarian. He said he would take me somewhere vegetarian-friendly, and asked me to meet him by Astor Place. When I arrived he walked me over to our dinner date destination ... Pommes Frites. The tiny little french fry shack that has like 10 seats. We couldn't even sit down. It was the worst." -Jordana, 24

5. An extra scary first, first date

"When I was in middle school a girl asked me if I wanted to go to one of those haunted house things with her. I think I was more scared of girls at that point than the actual haunted house, so I said no thanks." -Alex

6. An abandoned motel

"My friends fixed me up on a blind date once. The guy picked me up alone and drove me to the middle of nowhere far south of Cleveland, to what appeared to be an abandoned motel. I was terrified. I thought I was about to be in a snuff film and almost jumped from the car and ran, but it turned out it was a really cool concept restaurant. I was relieved, but even still, I never again went alone on a first date from that day forward." -Cecelia, 59

7. Thrifting and fried chicken

"Strangest and best first date for me was year ago when the girl took me to Goodwill (the thrift store) and bought me a t-shirt and then to Bojangles (NC's best fried chicken) and bought me a chicken dinner." - JC

8. "Shopping"

"When I asked a girl I had met at a club the night before what she wanted to do on our first date, she told me she wanted to go shopping. I agreed, not realizing that she meant she wanted me to take her shopping, and pay for everything. Apparently my buddy had told her I won big at the casino the night before..." -Daniel, 27

9. To see the future president

"I once spent a first date waking up at the crack of dawn to see the then Senator Obama give a speech in Philadelphia while he was running for president." -Erika, 26

10. Reggae and gambling

"I went on a first date to a reggae festival in a park outside a library in Norman, OK when I was 24. Oddly enough, the festival was followed by a trip to a casino." -Marisa