The Real Deal On How To Stay In Love (Says Science) [VIDEO]


There really is a science to falling in love—and staying in love.

Trying to figure out why certain things affect our love lives and how we can fix them isn't always easy. If we think about it, love is such a major force that trying to comprehend why we fall in love and how we choose our partners would take a lifetime. After all, knowing why our relationship didn't work out is easy; understanding how we can make things go right is the real battle. But according to author Sue Johnson's book Love Sense, in spite of the fact that romantic love can sometimes seem unmeasurable (and pretty scary), it actually isn't that hard to figure out that there's a certain science to romantic love and having a healthy relationship. 

In fact, there are so many amazing breakthroughs that science has had in the field of love in recent years. In Love Sense, Sue Johnson touches on the different ways that the science of love can benefit our relationships. For starters, not only does it "[tell] us about ourselves, it [also] tells us about our innate longing for love, what our needs are, where we get stuck in emotional relationships". Three of the things that Love Sense focuses on involve:

1. The best ways that we can improve our love lives. 

2. How we can make sure that our relationships are both happy and healthy.

3. Why showing how we feal can make a major difference in our emotional connection with our partner.

These points scratch the surface of why working hard to maintain our relationships is super important. If we take the time to put everything into perspective, we'll come to realize that love isn't as big of a mystery as we make it seem.