This Is The #1 Thing That WILL Destroy Your Relationship [VIDEO]


This will cause your partner to lose faith in your relationship.

This pretty much goes without saying but when it comes to dating, honesty definitely goes a long way. Let's be real, if you can't be completely open with your partner, then it will be harder for your relationship to survive. It doesn't matter if you've been together for a long time or are just starting out; every single relationship should be built on a foundation of honest, trust and respect. If you feel like you can't trust your partner enough to be open with them, then there's no question that he won't be able to trust you in return.

When author Charles Orlando says that the only way that a relationship can thrive is if you're completely upfront about everything, he couldn't be more right. Seriously, you can't expect to have a healthy relationship if you can't be open with him. According to Charles Orlando, your guy would rather have "the straight truth. He may not like it but at least it's tangible." These two reasons just scratch the surface of why you've got to push your fears aside and just keep it real:

  • Not only will being dishonest make your partner feel like he can't trust you, it'll also lead him to believe that you don't respect him.
  • He may grow to resent you.

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