Show's Over! 10 Guys Reveal The TV Shows Making You Undatable

woman watching TV

"It's just trashy BS that makes me hate who we have become as human beings."

There are a lot of things men put up with when it comes to love, whether it's waiting an hour for you to get ready, to sitting through that new Ryan Gosling chick flick. But when it comes to committing their time watching TV shows, these 10 guys are putting their foot down. Read on for the TV dealbreakers that they won't entertain — from reality shows to vampire dramas.

1. True Blood
"The whole vampire, werewolf thing has gone too damn far. The only time vampires are acceptable is if they're in a nightclub and Wesley Snipes is killing them with a sword." -Alex, 26

2. 19 Kids and Counting
I can't stand 19 Kids and Counting. It's the most boring and mundane look into the life of a family that there is. I have watched my kids grow up, and dealt with snotty noses and tying shoes every day. Watching 19 kids do the same boring things for hours on end during her binge-watching sessions reminds me that if there is a purgatory - it would be filled with boring drivel such as this."  -Josh, 36

3. Project Runway
"First, let me say that I really like Tim Gunn. He's someone I would enjoy to meet and have a beer with. Heidi is great. The other two judges don't bother me that much. But, I hate the show so much because some of the people who compete are either awful and/or just plain stupid." -Ian, 33

4. Million Dollar Listing
"I did real estate for awhile, and my girlfriend thought every realtor should make millions after that. There are plenty of 'reality shows,' but this is one is particularly unrealistic." -JT

5. Keeping Up With the Kardashians
"I can't sit through 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'  To me, the show is everything that is wrong with America. It's fake and it focuses on people who are crass and have no talent. It's about as real as pro-wrestling. -Manny

6. The Housewives
"Any of housewives shows. It's just trashy BS that makes me hate who we have become as human beings." -Joe, 27

7. QVC
"This channel is designed to make you spend money on things you don't need. The presentations are painful, and go on and on about a freaking vacuum cleaner for an hour. Stick a fork in me!" -John, 58

8. House Hunters
"Every single episode is exactly the same. It 'inspires' us to attempt home projects we know nothing about....at all." -Mike, 31

9. Friends
"Friends is simply awful. Every girl I meet says the same thing: 'Oh my god, Friends is sooo funny,' and all the guys I show it to also think it's really funny. Yet somehow, I've never heard a guy say that Friends is a good show. 'Hey bro wanna watch friends?' said no straight man ever. I've tried and tried again to enjoy Friends, and I just cannot. It's 1/10th funny, and 9/10ths overpoweringly stupid." -Khad, 25

10. Dance Moms
"Why do I hate Dance Moms? Besides the fact that it's insanely creepy, the moms are pathetic. Their entire lives seemingly revolve around the melodrama that accompanies taking their daughter to dance practice. At least the coach does it for a living. She has a monetary incentive to be narcissistic." -Andrew