9 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Funny Guy (Or Gal)

Aziz Ansari from Funny People
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Here's why you should give the class clown a chance.

You know what's great? Dating a funny person. It's basically like getting free entertainment whenever you want it. Seriously, it's almost impossible not to fall in love with funny people. That's why people will pay to go to a comedy club to see comedians they've never heard of: Because maybe they're funny, and it's hard to find people that are actually, genuinely funny.

When you date a funny person, you get all the laughs, and you usually don't have to pay for them. (If you're dating someone and they're making you pay them to date them, then you're not really dating that person. That's called hiring an escort, and it's probably illegal.) Anyway, here are 9 reasons why it's great to date a funny person — especially a comedian.

1. Everyone Likes To Laugh
That's true, right? I've never seen someone start laughing and then get upset that they were laughing. I've seen people feel embarrassment from laughing, but never anger. I feel like only serial killers would get upset about something like that. Being with someone that makes you laugh is a pretty obvious advantage.

2. They Make Bad Things Enjoyable
By this, I mean movies, TV shows, music, waiting in line, being stuck in traffic — crummy things, but not like, terrible things. Not bad things like murder or disposing of bodies. Although, if you had to do that, it'd probably be more enjoyable to do it with somebody that's funny. (And funny people think outside the box, so chances are if they helped you plan the crime, the bodies would never be found.) But yeah. They make going to the movies fun, even when the movie is bad. They also make digging a shallow grave fun. It's just a lot of fun.

3. They Deal With Rude People
It's the worst when you go to a restaurant and you get stuck with a rude waiter. They get annoyed at you for wanting food and making them do their job. But they also make you feel bad about yourself too. A funny person will find a way to point out the rudeness and also make it enjoyable for you and not just awkward. This also works with cab drivers, loud people on the subway, weirdos at the bar and the like.

4. They Make You Look Good
When you meet new people, it's important to make a good first impression. If your significant other is funny, and you meet people with them, then those new people will think that you're also fun. You're tricking people! It's great!

5. They're Creative
You can't be funny if you're not also creative. That's a big part of being funny. So they'll probably be creative in other ways too, because that's how being creative works. Like, they'll figure out creative ways to dispose of bodies. Which is a very useful skill, especially when you're trying to fool the cops.

6. They'll Catch You When You're Not Expecting It
When you date someone funny, you never know when hilarity is going to strike! Funny people find humor in situations you wouldn't expect, and it's always a nice surprise to find a laugh. No one ever finds a laugh and doesn't take it. Even serial killers. They laugh all the time.

7. They Help You Express Things You Couldn't On Your Own
Sometimes, you'll hate someone or something, but you won't know why. Something about them will just rub you the wrong way. And then a funny person will point out exactly what that person does that's so annoying. Then you two will laugh about it, and you'll feel better about the hatred that you have in your heart.

8. You Can Steal From Them
If your significant other says something silly, and nobody else is around, then you can just take that. That's part of being in a relationship. If you're watching the news, and they make a joke about a story, you can go to work the next day and make the same joke. No one will know but you! Which is fine, because you'll be too busy basking in your coworkers' praise to care!

9. They Know When To Stop
People that are actually funny know when enough is enough. Seriously, there's nothing worse than somebody over doing it. Like, sometimes there's been enough jokes about disposing of dead bodies. It was weird and random the first time, but now it's just confusing. So no more of those. Time for a new joke. Or to just stop writing this and eat some chicken.