No One Said Getting Over Heartbreak Is Easy, But It's Possible

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Love, Heartbreak

Here's how you can get there.

After putting so many years (and so much laughter and love) into the relationship, coming to the realization that it just isn't working can be really heartbreaking. To love someone wholeheartedly only for it to end - As if one day, when you weren't watching, the silence and distance between you grew and there was nothing you could do to stop it from stretching for miles.

Having to decide to give up the good fight and just move on could break anyone. Who could  ever anticipate going from being best friends to two strangers standing at a crossroad, forced into an awkward shuffle where you shake hands, say your goodbyes and walk away as if nothing ever happened. With questions like "Is this really what the end looks like?" and "Am I destined to be alone?" on constant replay, closure can seem really far away. But even though the thought of moving on can be hard to handle, it'll help you get reacquainted with yourself. It's important to remember that the only way to really move on (and eventually love) is to:

1) Learn to forgive yourself for any mistakes. The past is in the past for a reason:

2) Give yourself time to heal:

3) Put yourself out there. Don't let your fear stop you from trying new things:

4) Stop your trust issues from getting in the way:

5) Remember that being angry won't make the heartache any easier:

Breaking up with someone you love can really hurt. It may seem like you'll never find another person that you connect with on the same level but if you give yourself enough time, you can get there.