10 Things Guys Do To Kill The Mood On A First Date

bad date

"If he shows up dressed like a slob, I'm not interested."

First dates already come with awkward moments and uncomfortable silences — but throw in these dealbreakers, and it can make the entire night a bust.

Read on for what these 10 women had to say about the dealbreakers that left them completely uninterested in a second date.

1. Make Her Pay For Everything

"A long time ago I met a guy through the personal ads. We ended up going out for a few drinks. Actually, I bought him the drinks. Can you believe he never bought me one?  We were sitting at the bar, and when he went to the bathroom, the bartender said, 'Dump this loser.' Needless to say, that was a one time deal."  -Susan

2. Bring Up Your Drug Issues

"One time on a first date a guy told me about how he was working hard to not be a drug addict anymore. Good for you, but call me when this is no longer an issue." -Jennifer

3. Don't Actually Be On The Market

"Men who think it's okay to share that they are still married or just separated just as our first date is ending. No." -Shari

4. Tip Poorly

"When men are bad tippers, it's a dealbreaker." -Stephanie

5. Dress Like A Hot Mess

"If he shows up dressed like a slob, I'm not interested. It takes two seconds to put on something nice, especially if I went through the trouble of getting all dolled up for this." -Brianna

6. Watch The Game

"I was on a first date where the guy watched the game the entire time on the TV in the bar we were at. I didn't see him again after that." -Melissa, 30

7. Talk About An Ex

"This shouldn't need to be said, but it happens so often you wouldn't even believe it. We all have a past, and asking about why someone is single isn't a turnoff for me. But when a guy goes on and on and on and on about what was wrong with his ex, or just his ex in general, I'm looking for the exit sign. Especially if he uses the phrase, 'My ex used to.' If your ex is on your mind that much, I presume you're not ready for me. NEXT!" -Patricia

8. Suggest A Cheap Spot

"If he wants to go to a cheap place. Our first date doesn't have to be terribly expensive, but if you want to go to the Crocodile or Alligator Lounge for their $4 happy hour and free pizza on a first date, goodbye." -Krystal, 25

9. Get High...

"I went on a date with a young surfer guy who decided to suck all the gas out of the whipped cream canisters at a local grocery store before meeting me. That date ended mid-stride. Never again!" -Alison

10 ...Or Get Wasted

"During my freshman year of college I went on a date with a guy who proceeded to get blasted (on SEA BREEZES) at dinner, then insisted on driving back to NJ even when I offered to let him sleep on my couch. I never called him again, so it's very possible he got a DUI...or crashed his huge yellow hummer." -Helena, 26

What are your first date dealbreakers? Tell us in the comments below.