ManServants: Sexist, Stupid And Pretty Creepy

MAnservants ad
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ManServants wants to replace strippers at bachelorette parties with, well, servants. But why?

ManServants is a new service, coming soon, that seeks to replace strippers at bachelorette parties forever.

ManServants are basically dudes you hire to pretend they like you and, depending on what your request, run errands or make you feel pretty. In the commercial that ManServants created, they compare male strippers with ManServants:

Frankly, it's hard to tell which is more degrading to the man: waving his crotch in a future bride's face, or having women sit on their backs while they clean floors. The premise is pretty much "hot butler, bartender, waiter, pool boy, etc. with an added dose of fake friendship and rehearsed compliments," and it's pretty sad.

The most obvious issue is just the demeaning nature of the service as a whole, at least how it's presented within the company's own advertising materials. If the genders were reversed, with men hiring pretty girls to do chores and tell them how burly they are, there would be a total outrage because, well, that's creepy.

But perhaps the more annoying thing is that the female advertising copywriters who came up with ManServants wants ManServants to be an alternative to strippers for bachelorette parties, but most women already have alternatives, because women have brains. To date, I haven't been to a single stripper-themed bachelorette party, but I have been played paintball, gone to drag shows, ridden rollercoasters, relaxed in spas, gone to football and baseball games and eaten fancy dinners.

Basically, if ManServants are your only imaginable alternative to strippers for your bachelorette party, you have bigger problems than some ripped dude's wang in your face. It means you and your friends are incapable of thinking for yourselves, and that doesn't bode well for your bachelorette party, and especially not for your life. The idea that you can't possibly come up with a bachelorette party idea besides a sexy cop grinding around may be even more sexist than the treatment of these ManServants.