10 Crazy Things Guys Think You'll Do On A First Date


Please, don't let these ideas pigeonhole us in your minds.

Both men and women go into dates with a set of preconceived notions. Today, let's examine the ones that tend to screw women when it comes to dating. These are the expectations that make us tired, frustrated and a little cranky. So do yourselves a favor, and drop certain ideas. It'll do us all a solid.

Expectation: We welcome the hello-hug with open arms (pun 100% intended).
Truth: Sometimes a friendly handshake is okay. When in doubt, don't push yourself on a woman (or anyone, really).
Expectation: We are the epitome of wittiness, grace and charm.
Truth: We get nervous too, and some of us are more than a little awkward. Be patient; beneath the awkwardness is something truly awesome.
Expectation: Every part of us is hairless:
Truth: Fool, that razor stopped at my knee. You're not getting anything off me just yet.
Expectation: We eat like birds.
Truth: We. Love. Food. Just as much as you do, I swear to god.
Expectation: You're getting laid tonight for sure.
Truth: Ha! Try again. Most of us don't put out for quite some time. But we appreciate your eternal optimism!
Expectation: We are endlessly patient and you have all night to woo us.
Truth: We know pretty quick if we are open to a second date in the future. Unless you're someone who comes out of their shell slowly, we have a pretty good beat on you and know what is going to go down in the days to come.
Expectation: We are up for anything!
Truth: We had an early morning, we've got four meetings tomorrow, and as much as we like you, we don't want to do a full night. Dinner and a nice walk home is a total win, because on the inside, we are all:
Expectation: Everything you say to us is gold, and we are sitting on the edge of our seats.
Truth: Huh? The intricacies of your job mean nothing without some serious context.
Expectation: We want you to wait three days before calling.
Truth: If you call the day after, we won't see it as clingy. We'll assume that you liked us and want to see us again.
Expectation: We are total sexy bitches.
Truth: We are total sexy bitches (just threw this one in here for giggles. And because it's true!).