Do We Really Need Technology To Judge Our Relationship?

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I really like you. Can I just get a swab of your DNA to predict our long-term success?

DNA technology has wiggled its way into relationship compatibility. And it's borderline creepy.

Instant Chemistry, a Canadian company, has created a test that measures your compatibility with someone — by analyzing your DNA alongside theirs. They call it an "affordable way to test chemistry and compatibility long before a life-changing commitment between a couple."

According to Instant Chemistry's Chief Science Officer, Dr. Sara Seabrooke, there are "two constants" in determining compatibility "your DNA and core personality and how those match up with your partner's." While it's interesting that scientists and researchers have been able to pinpoint the role DNA plays in attraction and "long-term relationship satisfaction," it's a little off-putting.

Do You Really Want To Know?

What if you are madly in love with your partner, and you two decide to take this test. And it turns out, by Instant Chemistry's standards, you aren't even compatible? What a buzz kill. And frankly, an invasion of everything that makes love fun: the mystery of getting to know someone.

Now you can just donate a swab of your DNA and skip all the fun stuff. Technology does the rest. Like, oh your brain processes seratonin waaaay differently than mine, so we can't be together. It will never last.

The Chemistry Check has two biological tests: The Relationship Satisfaction Test and Long-Term Chemistry. The Relationship Satisfaction Test, supported by research from the University of California, Berkley, analyzes how your brain and your partner's brain process serotonin. And that tells researchers where you two differ in emotional reactions.

The Long-Term Chemistry Test analyzes your DNA alongside your partner's to determine how your genes compliment each other. Are you and your partner "a genetic explosion" like Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello? Elizabeth Bowen might not come out and say it, but the The Chemistry Check will. Because technology never lies.

The kit also offers couples the option to do an online psychological compatibility test to determine their individual personality traits and what they mean for a successful long-term relationship and overall happiness.

Fear Not! (Sort Of)

Instant Chemistry doesn't just deliver incompatibility news and dip. They soften the blow by offering couples ways to recognize potential conflicts in their relationship before they happen. Okay, so they're kind of like the relationship crystal ball.

Relationship technology — dating apps, websites and now genetic tests — is turning us all into relationship hypochondriacs.

They do nothing but give us reasons to doubt ourselves. He doesn't similar taste in music? It'll never work. He's a night owl, and I like to sleep in? Nope. His DNA is dissimilar to mine? Bye-bye.

No! Newsflash: Opposites Attract.

Technology can't tell you who be attracted to if you don't let it. So don't let it! We need to stop relying on technology to determine our relationship satisfaction, and focus on being present and offering our best selves to the relationship rather than letting technology lead the way.

Let us know what you think about Instant Chemistry's kit!

At $199, I think I'll pass.