Red Hot: 7 Ways Colors Control Your Love Life

red dress

Men may think about sex when they see you in red but other women see you as a sexual threat.

We've all heard that when it comes to attracting men, nothing does it quite like the color red. Scientists have long believed that, for men, it's the red of a flushed and blushing face, that lures them in, so when we wear red, we turn on that primal instinct in them and they think of sex, because of course they do. So red is THE color to wear when out on the prowl.

Well, according to a yet-to-be-published study, men aren't the only ones thinking about sex when a woman wears red. In fact, women in red are perceived by other women as being "more sexually receptive and unfaithful." Does this mean we're slut-shaming our fellow ladies just because of the color of their dress? Seems to be that way.

We may not think about it, but the colors around us everyday have an impact on just about every part of our being. Here are some other ways that red, and other colors, are affecting not just how others perceive us, but how we live our lives as well. 

1. Green makes you look trustworthy.
When the aforementioned study asked women whom they would rather leave their husband alone with: a woman in red or a woman in green, the overwhelming response was that the women in red were not to be trusted. Green, a far more neutral color, is an easier color to trust when worn by women, and one that also evokes relaxation when we're stressed.

2. Yellow makes you get your focus on.
Isn't yellow a happy color? It's not just happy, but it helps you focus and concentrate — the brighter the better. Although mass amounts of yellow, say a yellow room or a full-length bright yellow dress, may force you into a whole world of anxiety from which there is no escape, bits of yellow, as in accessories, will help you (and I supposed others, if you're wearing it), stay alert and in the game.

3. Red makes you look like trouble, but you can still handle your finances.
As we've already addressed, red makes women look like they're going to sink their teeth into any man in sight, at least according to other women. But what was also discovered is that while a woman in red could easily be judged for being possibly unfaithful, other women didn't judge her for her finances. I'm not really sure what this deduces other than maybe women in red aren't perceived as gold-diggers and can take care of themselves?

4. White makes you look innocent.
I mean, it really didn't take a study to tell us this, did it? Variations of beige are also associated with sensations of welcoming and warmth. So, not only does a lady in white not illicit negative feelings, but she also makes you feel right at home without trying to take your man from your arms.

5. Orange makes you stimulated.
While red may make other stimulated, nothing really turns on personal creativity like the color orange. Whether you assert your creativity onto a canvas, in a journal, or in the bedroom, staring down some bright orange before making your move will get your energy pumping to take on whatever creative ventures that come your way. Erotic body paint, anyone?

6. Blue makes everything better.
Blue is the most common favorite color out there. Not only does blue keep us calm, can erase any anxieties just by looking at it, but it also has its hand in the consumer world. Studies have found that stores that have a blue color scheme have a 15 percent customer-return rate, you know, because blue is the best. Just think about how your whole life would be if every wall you painted and every article of clothing you wore was a perfect shade of blue? The world just might be a better place.

7. Purple makes men more attractive
Single and ready to mingle, guys? You're going to want to dig that purple shirt out of the closet. A survey revealed that women are more likely to accept dates from guys wearing the royal color.

Photo: weheartit.com